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Gastric Band in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Band in Pattaya

If you are heavily overweight and have unsuccessfully tried all the usual methods of weight loss, you may be a candidate for gastric band in Pattaya. Obesity plays a huge role in many diseases, makes you look unattractive, prohibits you from doing many things and can lead to sleep and breathing disorders, among other diseases. In fact, bariatric surgery has made great inroads into the obesity market and is now medically recommended for certain lifestyle diseases like diabetes, which it can reverse.

Most bariatric surgery procedures involve one or another method of reducing the stomach size. Gastric banding is a procedure that enables you to lose weight over a period of time as it makes the stomach size smaller. What’s more the gastric band is adjustable and the surgery is less complicated than some other bariatric surgeries.

Why consider gastric band in Pattaya?

Many bariatric procedures are actually covered by medical insurance. However, you do have to fit certain insurance criteria to get approved. It is possible that if you have to co-pay an amount, it may be more than you can afford. Or you may not have private medical insurance. In such cases, it is best to shop around for a good deal for gastric band surgery. You will find highly-experienced weight-loss surgeons in Pattaya, who have excellent qualifications, as well international professional memberships with organizations such as IFSO.

Pattaya is not only a premier tourist destination, it also offers great medical facilities for overseas visitors. You can combine a holiday in Pattaya with this surgery so get to spend a memorable time in this area along with cosmetic surgery. Pattaya has lots to offer the tourists from attractions like beaches and water sports to wildlife sanctuaries to shopping. You can also find accommodation in this tourist spot to fit your budget.

Why can’t you book on your own?

While it may seem easy enough to book on your own for surgery, it can be risky. It is difficult to verify various details from a website and you can actually read horror stories on the web regarding people’s bad surgical experiences. Why would you want to take such a risk?

Booking through Medical Departures is so much safer. That is because we offer the best price guarantee and we also give you additional safety. We have a system of checks and balances in place before we list any clinics or doctors on our website. We check the qualification, credentials, training and expertise of the doctors, we check the ambience of the hospital and other fine details and only when we are satisfied that we list the clinics.

How long does gastric band take?

The surgery is relatively uncomplicated as it is done with a laparoscope, using very small incisions. A silicone band is placed around the stomach, dividing it into two parts. The gastric band (also called lap band) is fairly tight, but a small opening is left to allow the food to pass to the larger part of the stomach where the start of digestion takes place. A device is attached to the stomach and this is used to inject saline into the pouch to adjust the size of the opening to allow food to pass through slower or faster. The gastric band is thus adjustable in size. The whole process takes about an hour. It can be done on an outpatient basis. The incisions are closed with sutures.

You need about a week of rest after the procedure. You will also need to take liquid food for some time and change your eating habits – you will have to eat smaller meals, chew your food well and eat more frequent meals. Total recovery time from the surgery will be six to eight weeks. You can expect to lose between 40 and 60 percent of your body weight over a few years.

What is the cost of gastric band?

Gastric band surgery can cost between AUD 3,000 and AUD 6,000 in Australia if you don’t get any rebates or are not covered by insurance. In Pattaya you can pay half the money for this surgery.

What now?

If you are fed up with your obesity and want to lead an active life and look more youthful, do consider gastric band in Pattaya. Book with Medical Departures for a safe surgical experience at a reasonable price. Look below for convenient ways of contacting us – our customer care team will help you with the booking process and answer all your questions.

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