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Hip Replacement in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Hip Replacement in Pattaya

Hip replacement surgery in Pattaya may help you walk better and reduce pain. If you have a bad hip due to any reason such as hip fracture, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, necrosis, cancer or any other problem, you may benefit by hip replacement surgery. This is recommended particularly if medicines and painkillers do not help you anymore and exercise is something that you can no longer do. If your bad hip has incapacitated you, then hip replacement can bring back mobility to your life.

While hip replacement may be required if you are elderly, it is also done on active and younger people. It may happen that you have hip problems because of sports injuries, accident or trauma and you need this surgery. Sometimes a hip replacement surgery is the only thing that stands between you and an active lifestyle.

Why should you consider hip replacement in Pattaya?

When insurance does not pay for your hip replacement surgery due to any kind of reason or you don’t have medical insurance that would pay for it, then you can get a good deal for this surgery in Pattaya. With excellent medical facilities that meet international standards on hygiene and safety, English speaking and qualified doctors, Pattaya offers surgery at reasonable prices.

It is also a good place for a holiday. If you cannot enjoy many activities, you can still enjoy the weather, the sun and the sea, take in a show or two and just enjoy lazing around. You can also get good care after the surgery and rest and recuperate till you are fit enough to go back home.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Hip replacement surgery is a special surgery and you need an orthopedic specialist who can do it. When you have the surgery done well, you get the proper hip joint that you need and you also suffer from less pain. Your recovery time is faster and you will be mobile sooner. It is very difficult to find the right specialist when you book on your own.

The best option is booking with Medical Departures. That is because we not only offer the best price guarantee, but also check on the qualifications, training, expertise and accreditations of the doctors, going into their complete background. We also check that the clinics and hospitals follow international standards regarding equipment, operation theatres, staff and use modern technology.

How long does hip replacement take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The surgery takes around two to three hours. You will be under general anesthesia for this procedure and be on intravenous fluids and medications. The diseased bone is cut away and then the artificial joint takes its place. The incisions are sutured or stapled and you may have drains as well as bandages.

As there are different kinds of prostheses or artificial hip joints available, your doctor will need to decide which kind will be suitable for you. Joints may be made of plastic, metal or ceramic and will be in different combinations (metal with plastic, ceramic with plastic or full metal). Your age and the problems you face in daily life dictate the kind of prostheses that is right for you. There are also two basic types of prostheses that are used, cemented and uncemented. The cemented one is attached with special surgical cement. This one is used for elderly and less active patients. The uncemented one is attached to the bone with a porous surface and your normal bone will grow over it.

You will need to be in hospital for two to three days for monitoring and rest, if you have had open surgery. If you have undergone a minimally invasive procedure, you will still need to stay overnight. A day after surgery you will start some exercises and your physiotherapist will guide as to the exercises you need to do later as well. You will need to rest for about a week and be on painkillers and antibiotics and recovery will take at least six weeks, during which time you will need physiotherapy.

What is the cost of hip replacement surgery?

In Australia, if you have to pay out of pocket, you expenses for hip replacement surgery will range from AUD 22,000 and AUD 35,000. In Pattaya you pay between one-third and half this amount. You can also recuperate in Pattaya on the cheap till you have the doctor’s go head to fly back home.

What now?

If you are languishing and in pain then book with Medical Departures for your hip replacement surgery in Pattaya. Our customer care team will help you with the booking process. Look below for easy ways to contact us.

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