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Knee Replacement in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Knee Replacement in Pattaya

When your knees give up on you then you have an alternative with knee replacement in Pattaya. Knees are the joints that are prone to wear and tear. In fact arthritis invariably affects the knee joint and causes pain, disability and adversely affects the activities of daily life. If pain killers, exercise, physiotherapy, walking aids and other remedies you may have tried simply don’t work anymore then your doctor may actually recommend knee replacement surgery. If you have suffered any trauma to the knees or had an accident, then also you may need the surgery.

Fortunately knee replacement now is easier and effective and adds quality to your life. You may need total knee replacement or you may get by with partial knee replacement. While you may undergo temporary pain after surgery and have to do some physiotherapy, after successfully completing all this, you will find that you are more active and are able to do a lot of things that you could not earlier. As an added benefit the newer knee replacements last as much as twenty years with care.

Why consider knee replacement in Pattaya?

At times knee replacement surgery may entail a great deal of money from you. Or you may not be able get the surgery done when you want as there are often long waiting lists. Or you may not have private medical insurance that will pay for this surgery. Whether you are young or old, the more you wait, the longer you are in pain and face mobility problems.

In Pattaya you get good medical attention since it has excellent medical facilities. The cost of living here is low, so prices of surgeries and medicines as well as diagnostic tests are much lower than in advanced countries. If you live in Australia, then Pattaya is accessible from there as the international airport in Bangkok is not very far. You can also a combine a holiday in Pattaya with the surgery.

Why can’t you book on your own?

The internet is a great place to find information and do research. But there are lots of sites which may be dubious. After all, you have to depend on the information available on the websites. For medical procedures you cannot afford to take any risks. When you book on your own, you have to means of verifying the details.

Booking through Medical Departures give you an added layer of protection. That is because we carry out an in-depth investigation into the accreditations, qualifications, skill and expertise of the doctors practicing at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We also ensure that the place uses the latest modern equipment and technology, as well as conforming to recognized hygiene and safety protocols so that you are not shortchanged in any way.

How long does knee replacement take and what is the downtime associated with it?

There are many different kinds of knee replacement joints available. Your doctor will need to check you out and assess which kind will be right for you and also which method of surgery to use. If your surgery is simple the operation can be over in as little as 45 minutes. If it is complicated, it can take up to three hours. You are usually given local or epidural sedation, though some doctors prefer general anesthesia. Basically during the surgery the damaged joint will be removed and the artificial one will be put in its place. You will be in hospital for one to four days following surgery and you will get moving after a day or more, depending on your condition and the kind of surgery you had. You will have follow up appointments and extensive physiotherapy and need walking aids for some time.

As this is serious surgery, you may be required to take care for six to eight weeks, doing all the exercises, taking medicines and going for follow up visits. Once you are all right, you will be able to do your activities comfortably, though you will most likely be unable to kneel.

What is the cost of knee replacement in Pattaya?

In Australia you can expect to pay between AUD 20,000 to AUD 35,000 for this surgery. In Pattaya you pay a fraction of this amount and you can pay between AUD 10,000 and AUD 12,000 for the same surgery.

What now?

Don’t be in pain and have a poor quality of life. If cost is a factor that is holding you back then book now with Medical Departures for knee replacement in Pattaya. Look below for ways to contact us and confirm your booking. The sooner you have your surgery, the sooner you will get moving.

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