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The Ultimate Guide to Neck Lift in Pattaya

If you have neck wattles, a double chin, jowls under the jaws all of which make you look older than your years, then why not consider a neck lift in Pattaya. A lower rhytidectomy or platysmaplasty, as it is medically called, can address all these problems and is particularly useful if your face still looks young. It can be combined with an eyebrow lift, an eyelid surgery and eye bag removal if these parts also need attention. However, if the face is heavily wrinkled, you may also need a facelift for best results.

The procedure for neck lift varies and, if your skin has good elasticity, but has fat deposits, then these can be treated by liposuction alone. Otherwise surgery to remove fat and excess skin is required. During invasive surgery, muscles under the skin are also tightened. The incisions are usually invisible and put under the ears and the chin. Neck lift surgery can be done in different ways and the procedure can be relatively simple or more complicated, depending on your condition and your goal.

Why consider neck lift in Pattaya?

Neck lift being cosmetic surgery is not covered by medical insurance. You have to pay for it and it can be quite a steep price in Australia. When you get it done in Pattaya at a good medical facility, you pay only a fraction of the price, making it more affordable. Pattaya is accessible from Australia as most international airlines fly to Bangkok, which is the nearest international airport. From Bangkok you can either go by road or take a domestic short haul flight.

Pattaya has lots to offer the tourists from a vibrant nightlife, exotic cuisines, sun, sea and sand to a vast array of water sports. It is a major shopping destination where you can find ready to wear, get clothes made or buy all kinds of curios or local handicrafts. Thailand is known for its cheap shopping. You can also go to wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, museums, tourist attractions, tropical parks and gardens and even visit temples of different religions. Or you can just relax and enjoy lazing around at your hotel or resort.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

When you are looking for cheap surgical options, you will find them. But you will not be able to sift the wheat from the chaff and find good quality clinics on your own. Neck lift surgery is an invasive surgical procedure and carries with it the risk of complications like nerve damage, hematoma, infection, allergic reactions, scarring and unwanted results. You really should not compound the risks by not choosing a suitably qualified and skilled surgeon.

Booking through Medical Departures is a safer option as we offer the best price guarantee as well as good quality medical care. We carry out an in-depth investigation into the qualifications, accreditations, training and experience of the doctors and clinics we list on our website. We make sure that the clinics and hospitals meet our exacting standards before we list them on our website. We ensure that they are conversant with the latest technology, use modern equipment and have state of the art operation theaters and recognized safety and hygiene procedures.

How long does neck lift take and what is the approximate recovery period?

A neck lift surgery can be fairly complicated and whole procedure can take between one and three hours. You may be under general anesthesia unless only local sedation is required and you should plan on staying at least one night is hospital for better monitoring. You will have drains and bandages in place and you will have pain, numbness and experience tightness. You will be on pain medications and antibiotics.

After neck lift surgery, you can expect a downtime of one to two weeks depending on how complicated the procedure is. You can expect to resume most normal activities in two weeks. However, full results can be apparent in several months. Bruising and swelling will take time to dissipate. You will need to sleep in a head elevated position and you will find movement difficult for a few days.

What is the cost of neck lift in Pattaya?

You can expect to pay around AUD 2,500 upwards in Pattaya. In Australia similar surgery can cost you between AUD 5,000 and AUD 8,000.

What now?

Book your appointment now with Medical Departures for a safe and reasonably priced neck lift surgery. Look below for convenient ways to contact us. Our customer care team will address all your queries and help you with the booking process.

After neck lift in Pattaya, you will have a smoother, shapely and younger looking neck.

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