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The Ultimate Guide to Sculptra in Pattaya

If you go to Pattaya for a holiday then consider Sculptra in Pattaya to erase lines and wrinkles from your face. Sculptra is esthetic dermal filler, made of polylactic acid, so is biologically inert and the risk of allergic reactions to it is virtually nonexistent. It is used to fill nose to mouth lines, horizontal chin wrinkles and fine lines around the lips. It acts as a volumizing agent and adds plumpness, smoothing out the skin and giving a more youthful appearance. It is used for cosmetic purposes and also for people with HIV or AIDs who suffer from lipatrophy (wasting of the face or gradual loss of facial fat that gives a person’s face a sunken, hollow appearance).

It is different from other dermal fillers since it is injected deeper into the skin and not just under the skin. It works by inducing an inflammatory response in the body, stimulating the formation of collagen under the skin and this makes the skin look younger over a period of time. You may need a series of Sculptra treatments evenly spaced out for best results and the skin’s final appearance may take a few months to be visible.

Why consider Sculptra in Pattaya?

Going to Pattaya for a holiday? You can have a great time at this destination that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world thanks to the moderate climate, beaches, sun and sea. It has a host of tourist attractions, is easily accessible from the international airport at Bangkok and offers great value for money. It is known as party spot and has numerous lounges, bars and clubs.

Pattaya has water sports, off-beat museums, cultural and exotic sites, temples and tropical parks and gardens. It also has wildlife sanctuaries where you can see exotic wildlife in natural surroundings. For entertainment you can go watch one of the many live shows that are part of the tourist attractions in Pattaya. Don’t forget to shop for clothes and curios in Pattaya as these are very affordable.

Why can’t you book on your own?

You can book on your own through a website, but you will not know how good the clinic or doctors actually are. If you check on forums and complaint sites, you will see that cosmetic treatments can have unwanted repercussions and you really don’t want to be at the receiving end of anything that can negatively affect your skin and your appearance.

When you book through Medical Departures are assured of the best price guarantee as well as the fact that we carry out investigations from our side regarding the qualifications and credentials of the doctors. We also check that the clinic meets international standards and that the staff is well trained and experienced so that you are not shortchanged in any way. This adds a layer of protection when you book through us.

How long does Sculptra procedure take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The Sculptra procedure is both similar and different from that of other dermal fillers. It is used in injection form like hyaluronic acid and other fillers. However, the product is inserted deeper into the skin followed by massaging (when other fillers are used massaging is not recommended) so that the product is evenly distributed inside the skin. This massaging has to be carried out on a regular basis at home as well to prevent any lump formation. Also the injection uses a tunneling technique, so you need an experienced doctor to do this. It is also important the Sculptra is underused in the first instance rather than overused. That is because after the initial swelling subsides, the wrinkles may reappear for some time as the body makes collagen – the process is gradual but gives more natural and longer lasting results.

You may have bruising and tenderness and some pain for a few days, but this should not stop you from carrying out your daily activities. It may take six weeks or more for results to be visible and it is only then that the doctor can tell you whether you need more product or not. Usually a series of three to four treatments are recommended.

What is the cost of Sculptra?

The cost of Sculptra varies a great deal and can start at AUD 600 and go up to AUD 2,000, depending on how many syringes you need and how many treatments in all. In Pattaya, you pay much less than that, so save some money.

What now?

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