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In Vitro Fertilization in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to In Vitro Fertilization in Philippines

In vitro fertilization in the Philippines is making success stories for those childless parents who had lost hope of becoming parents. As the procedure merely assists the couple in getting pregnant - and rest of the process is same as a normal pregnancy – it has a great emotional value.

In vitro fertilization has given meaning to the lives of numerous childless couples and helped them in bringing a positive change in their lives. The price of this treatment is so much in the Philippines for some international patients - mainly those from Western nations. People from all the walks of life are getting this treatment – the famous Canadian singer Celine Dion successfully gave birth to her first son using in vitro fertilization in 2000.

Why get In Vitro Fertilization in Philippines?

The Phillipines is a fantastic country to visit for a holiday, and is now becoming significant in terms of medical tourism. There’s no doubt that its pleasant climate, friendly people and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities are an attractive proposition for international visitors, especially when then can receive their treatments for a considerably lower price than at home.

The Filipino government is boosting medical tourism by enhancing standards and many major hospitals in the country are accredited with international schemes, such as Joint Commission International or the QHA-Trent.

There is a wealth of difference between public and private healthcare services in the Philippines. At Medical Departures we work closely with private providers, only recommending those clinics who work in strict compliance with international standards. Our team checks the qualifications of Surgeons and verifies their international accreditations. Moreover our Customer Care team is always eager to answer your queries and assist you in getting in vitro fertilization in Philippines.

How In Vitro Fertilization works?

The in vitro fertilization is an easy procedure but it requires care and attention to the doctor’s advice. The doctor checks the male and female health to declare them suitable for the procedure.

After ensuring the female’s ability to carry a successful pregnancy the procedure is started by collecting the samples of eggs and sperms. The collection of eggs is assisted by medication and the eggs are collected at a specific time after stimulating the female’s ovaries.

The specific eggs and healthy sperms are allowed to fertilize in a test tube and the best fertilized egg is inserted in the uterus of woman at this stage – after that, the rest of the pregnancy happens naturally.

What is the cost of In Vitro Fertilization in the Philippines compared to Australia and New Zealand?

You can make savings of at least 50% while relaxing and enjoying a holiday at the same time, which can only be good to take the stress out of the situation.

What now?

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