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Laser Eye Surgery in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery in Philippines

Laser eyes surgery in the Philippines is a feasible treatment for those who are troubled by problems related to eyesight. In some cases, surgical treatment is the only solution to get cured of an eye disease. However, some people also seek LASIK treatment to get rid of glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK treatment is helping a lot of people to cope with their short and long-sightedness – and due to a high ratio of success,the number of people getting this treatment is increasing every year. All genders and age groups are equally getting the benefit from LASIK, including celebs like Jessica Simpson and famous TV personality Kim Kardashian.

Why get Laser eye surgery in the Philippines?

The price of treatment is coming down with the increased competition in the market. However, the price of LASIK in developed countries is still much less than those countries which are becoming hubs of medical tourism. It is little wonder so many patients choose to travel to overseas destinations where they can get the LASIK in affordable price - especially when they can combine the trip with a holiday.

Laser eye surgery in the Philippines gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful islands and beaches of this gem of a country, along with getting impeccable medical treatment. The recovery time is not long - many people suffer virtually no side-effects whatsoever, and have improved vision immediately - so you’ll be able to make the most of your stay here and discover this megadiverse country for yourself.

The price of LASIK is also an irresistible attraction – even after spending on air fare, cost of treatment and medicines you can still save some money as compared to the price of treatment at home. Eyes are sensitive organs and it is quite understandable that no one would like to put such an important part of body at risk for the sake of saving money. However, traveling overseas for medical treatment is not about settling for lower quality.

At Medical Departures we only recommend those clinics which enjoy good repute so that you can get a successful treatment with complete satisfaction. These clinics engage experienced surgeons who are affiliated with international health associations. We check the quality of medical facilities, as well as the qualifications and experience of the surgeons and staff before recommending a clinic to you. Our website provides a lot of information for self-help regarding clinics, prices and live patients reviews – apart from that our Customer Care team is always available to help you in getting an appointment and answering your queries regarding laser eye surgery in the Philippines.

How does Laser eye surgery work?

The invention of a special laser that can cut a human tissue with impeccable perfection helped medical scientists to devise the method of LASIK. An opening is made in the cornea to manipulate the underlying tissues so that the retina can receive more light. The procedure is carried out under the effect of local anesthesia to save the patient from discomfort.

How long does the Laser eye surgery procedure take and what is the recovery time?

In general, a LASIK procedure concludes within an hour. After treatment, your eyes may feel scratchy and you will be given eye drops to save the eyes from getting dry after the treatment. The improvement in vision can be observed after 24 hours post surgery but complete recovery takes three to four months.

What is the cost of laser eye surgery in Philippine compared to the Australia and New Zealand?

Savings can be around 50% - not to be sniffed at!

What now?

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