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Bellafill in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Bellafill in Phuket Province

For individuals who feel self-conscious about the appearance of acne scarring or wrinkles, getting Bellafill in Phuket presents the opportunity to turn back the hands of time while enjoying an exotic getaway. Millions of people are affected by facial scarring due to acne. Others feel uncomfortable due to laugh lines and other wrinkles that appear as a result of aging. In either case, Bellafill presents an effective, non-invasive solution to give you smoother, younger looking skin while boosting your self-confidence.

Bellafill is unique due to its collagen compounds, which offer instant results. The distinctive microspheres contained in this treatment also help skin to actually replenish itself for long-lasting results. Patients are able to enjoy smoother, healthier-looking skin for many years after receiving their initial treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Bellafill?

Not all patients with acne scarring are ideal candidates for this solution. When patients are not good candidates for Bellafill, the practitioner may be able to recommend viable alternative treatment options. Bellafill is not typically given to patients under the age of 21. This treatment is appropriate for both men and women.

Why Get Bellafill in Phuket?

As the cost of medical procedures, including aesthetic treatments continues to rise, more and more people are choosing to combine leisure travel with the opportunity to save money on their healthcare. Phuket, located in southern Thailand, has become a hotspot for medical tourists. Presenting the chance to save 50% or more on medical treatments, Phuket is home to many excellent physicians and surgeons, many of whom speak English and were trained abroad. Clinics are feature the latest technology, equipment and adhere to FDA regulations and international hygiene and safety standards to ensure your safety and comfort.

During your time in Phuket, you will have the chance to enjoy a diverse array of activities. Phuket is well known for its beautiful beaches, snorkeling, diving, and surfing. For those who enjoy Thai cuisine, there is no better opportunity to sample exotic delicacies than in this exciting city.

When planning a trip abroad for medical treatment, it's important to conduct ample research ahead of time to choose the right facility. To help make the process easier, our staff at Medical Departures is pleased to provide a list of carefully researched clinics and physicians. We only include a facility on our list after conducting a thorough legal and criminal check. In addition, we verify professional memberships,and collect real patient reviews.

How Long Does it Take to Get Bellafill and What Is the Recovery Like?

Bellafill contains lidocaine to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Your practitioner will inject the solution into targeted areas using a fine needle. As soon as the solution is injected, acne scars typically become less visible. In most cases, there is no need for regular touch-up treatments, although some patients opt to follow-up with another treatment session within a few months following their initial treatment to fine-tune their results.

This treatment also works to smooth away the fine lines and creases that often appear between the mouth and nose as a result of aging. These lines are frequently the first noticeable signs of aging. Along with minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Bellafill also offers the support needed in targeted areas to ensure results last longer than other types of dermal fillers.

A Bellafill treatment can typically be performed in your practitioner's office in less than an hour. There is usually no downtime required following a Bellafill treatment. In fact, most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities immediately following their treatment, allowing ample time to explore the sights and activities in Phuket. You may notice some swelling, bruising, and redness around the injection sites. Such effects usually disappear within a few days. Makeup can be used to cover up any redness or bruising.

What Is the Cost of Bellafill in Phuket Compared to the U.S. and Canada?

The cost of a Bellafill treatment in Phuket is about $500 per injection (EUR €440, AUD $683, GBP £346) compared to an average cost of $1,000 (EUR €879, AUD $1,365, GBP £692) per injection in the United States.

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