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Vaginal Rejuvenation in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Rejuvenation in Phuket Province

Considering vaginal rejuvenation in Phuket? With Medical Departures you can find quality-checked surgeons and clinics and get to enjoy a fantastic holiday either pre; post or both sides of your surgery in this ever-popular destination.

Am I suitable for a vaginal rejuvenation?

If your genitalia has been damaged (usually by childbirth), or you want to change the way it looks or even increase sexual enjoyment, then you may be an ideal candidate for a vaginal rejuvenation.

The treatment is actually several surgeries combined, rather like a mommy makeover, which are all carried out under the same procedure.

What procedures can be included in a vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation usually includes vaginoplasty, which is a surgery to tighten vaginal muscles that have become slack. Other surgeries may be:

Labiaplasty – to reduce the size of the vaginal lips (either the outer, inner or both)
Clitoropexy – to reposition a protruding clitoris or reduce the size of the clitoral hood
Hymenoplasty – repairs the hymen (the membrane that covers the vagina) which is usually broken after intercourse
Pelvic floor/perineum repair – mends tears in the perineum, often as a result of childbirth
G Spot amplification – a procedure to temporarily increase the size of the G spot to enhance sexual pleasure

Why have vaginal rejuvenation in Phuket?

Why not? Seriously, there may be any number of reasons you don’t want to have the surgery at home. Maybe you don’t want to tell everyone why you are going to hospital and at least in Phuket, thousands of miles away, you can be discrete.

The vagina heals surprisingly quickly, and while you may feel some discomfort for a few days, you are likely to be out-and-about again within no time – so it doesn’t impinge on your holiday too much. And if you enjoy lying the pool then you have a fine excuse to do so!

Thailand’s medical facilities aimed at overseas patients are world-class – and they are not all centered in Bangkok. Phuket also has a fair share of top-class facilities, and it attracts a good number of foreign patients – many of whom have been coming for spa and pampering holidays and so the step to surgical procedures is not such a big one.

Renowned for its skilled plastic surgeons and good quality facilities it’s little wonder why people choose to come here for their surgery – and of course there’s all the fun, beautiful scenery and other attractions that make Phuket such a draw.

At Medical Departures we have got together with excellent quality providers whose credentials stack up to offer you a wide choice of quality-checked clinics. Our background checks verify doctor qualifications and professional memberships; we visit clinics personally and we get testimonials from past patients. You can view all our finding on our website, along with real patient reviews, maps, prices and other useful information that you can look at to help you make a choice.

How long is the vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is tailor-made to your requirements, but they generally take around 2 – 3 hours.

What is the recovery time?

You’ll feel a little uncomfortable for a few days, but otherwise you should heal fairly quickly, and should be able to resume your everyday activities after a few days. You will have to keep the area dry and clean, and although you will be allowed to shower after 48 hours, bathing should be left until after the stitches have dissolved – usually 5 – 7 days.

Apart from taking things easy for 6 weeks – no strenuous activities, including sex – you should be back in the swing of things really soon.

What is the cost of vaginal rejuvenation in Thailand compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Vaginal rejuvenation in Phuket costs at least 50% less than it does in Australia.

What now?

Find and compare clinics and surgeons.

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