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Vaginoplasty in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Phuket Province

Relax in style after a Vaginoplasty in Phuket. The procedure costs only around a third of the price you’d pay at home, which gives you plenty of spare cash to splash out on the best of everything while you’re here!

After giving birth, some women find their vaginal muscles relax, and they don’t get as much sexual pleasure as they once did, which could lead to unhappiness or a loss of self-confidence. Vaginoplasty is a simple procedure that tightens up these loose vaginal muscles, and the downtime is fairly minimal considering it’s a surgical procedure, so you can be out-and-about again within a few days.

Why have Vaginoplasty in Phuket?

If you are seriously considering a vaginoplasty, this is definitely one you can do on holiday without it impacting too much on your activities. The vaginal walls heal very quickly and although you will experience a little discomfort for a few days, you can always take the strain by lying at the poolside with a good book and a cocktail!

The price may be one of the plus points that attracts you to Phuket – you can get your procedure and have a great holiday – and still end up saving thousands compared to if you’d stayed at home for it.

However, we do realise price isn’t (nor should it be) everything. You also need to consider the credentials of your surgeon and clinic. Plastic surgery is extremely popular in Thailand, especially for foreign visitors. Phuket, of course, is one their favourite destinations, and so it stands to reason that surgeons looking for international clients would set-up shop here.

This is, indeed the case, and while there are a good many reputable clinics and surgeons here, you would always be wide to do a little of your own research rather than choosing a facility of which you have no prior knowledge. It is a sad fact of life that you cannot depend on everybody – and so it is up to you to take responsibility for ensuring you don’t put your trust in the wrong hands. We advise you find out what you can about the procedure, and whether you are a suitable candidate for it, and to write out any questions you have and ask, ask, ask until you’re satisfied with the answers.

For our part, we make the process a little easier. We do our own background checks to assess our providers’ credentials. This is a 4 step process, which we think gives a rounded view. Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere in the world that give you 100% reliability on surgical procedures, so all you can do is to mitigate the chances of something untoward happening. We do this by verifying doctor qualifications and professional memberships. We pay personal visits to clinics, taking high-definition photos that we publish on our site, and we obtain real patient reviews, which we also make available online. We don’t tell you who to choose – that’s up to you, but we do give you the information we have so you can make an informed decision.

What does the vaginoplasty procedure involve?

The procedure takes up to a couple of hours, and is typically carried out under a general anaesthetic. The surgeon tightens up the vagina by removing the excess vaginal lining, tiand suturing the remaining

The procedure is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic, and it typically takes 1 – 2 hours. Tightening the vagina involves removing the excess vaginal lining and tightening surrounding tissues and muscles with dissolvable sutures.

What is the recovery time for vaginoplasty?

After surgery, you will experience mild discomfort and pain. You probably won’t need to stay overnight, but you’ll be given some painkillers. You may feel uncomfortable walking, but you will be encouraged to do so as it really does help with the swelling, and speeds up the recovery process.

You should feel well enough to get on with everyday activities after a few days – in fact, many people return to work after just 3 days following this procedure. You will need to keep the area clean and dry, and although you will probably be allowed to shower after 48 hours, bathing should be avoided until the stitches have dissolved (around 7 days).

Things should feel fairly normal, but you should avoid vigorous activities (including sexual intercourse) for 6 weeks.

What is the cost of vaginoplasty in Phuket compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of vaginoplasty in Phuket is around AUD $3,700 (US $2,700; UK £1,800 ; EURO €2,400) compared to around AUD $11,000 in Australia (US $8,400; UK £5,800; EURO € 7,400).

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