Understand what happens during laser hair removal with our video.

Fed up with shaving, waxing or plucking out those unwanted hairs? These methods are all temporary measures, so it’s a never-ending cycle of removing hair and then dealing with stubbly regrowth and even in-growing hairs.

What would you give to banish hair removal from your beauty regime forever? It is possible with laser hair removal, which works by destroying the hair root so that it doesn’t grow back. Laser hair removal has moved on in leaps and bounds since it first came out a couple of decades ago, so that now there are different devices to suit differing skin types.

Laser hair removal is the high-tech way of removing superfluous hair on a permanent basis, but it does take several sessions to be completely hair-free. Is it painful? Certainly no more than waxing – and you know what they say ‘no pain, no gain’ – and the gain of being hair-free will be more than worth it.