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Medical Departures exclusive - We would like to thank you for scheduling your appointment with Medical Departures by giving you 5% off your treatment.


Terms and Conditions

  • Medical Departures Subscribers receive a 5% discount on their treatments. 
  • To qualify for this promotion the customer must mention the discount code to Medical Departures customer care when calling or add the code to the online booking. The customer can mention the code via phone, email or chat
  • Customers who use this promotion will be paid 5% of the total amount of their invoicable Treatment cost via PayPal 3 months after the completion of their treatment.
  • The 5% discount does NOT apply to hospital or doctors costs that are not invoicable by Medical Departures, including but not limited too: doctors fees, payment processing fees, etc.
  • Customer must submit a receipt of treatment provided by the clinic to Medical Departures customer care team.
  • This promotion is only available to Medical Departures customers
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other Medical Departures promotions
  • This promotion cannot be used by employees or associates of Medical Departures, employees or associates of Medical Departures partner clinics
  • Medical Departures reserves the right to vary the promotion terms or to withdraw the promotion at any time
  • Medical Departure's decision is final in all matters relating to the promotion
  • The promotion is valid for bookings made prior to the expiry date, regardless of the appointment date
  • We do not accept promotion redemption if you redeem the promotion after making your booking.
  • Medical Departures will honor only one promotion, per person, per visit