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Facial Wrinkles in Puerto Vallarta

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Wrinkles in Puerto Vallarta

Planning a holiday to Mexico? Kill two birds with one stone and banish your facial wrinkles in Puerto Vallarta.

There are many minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures now available that can treat different kinds of wrinkles whether fine lines or deep wrinkles or folds that make you look aged. These treatments take very little time and the results are fairly long lasting and usually you can opt for repeat treatments as well.

There are various treatments for different kinds of wrinkles. Among the lines that can be treated by either botox or dermal fillers (or a combination) are:

Crows’ feet
Forehead furrows
Lines radiating from the lips
Gummy smile
Frown lines
Nose to mouth grooves
Thinning lips

Other skin treatments include chemical peels, radiofrequency waves, laser treatment, dermabrasion and many others. You really need to consult a cosmetic surgery expert to find out what is right for you instead of just deciding on your own.

Why consider removal of facial wrinkles in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a good place for a holiday. If you decide to go on a vacation, you can easily get these treatments done at a fraction of the cost. As Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible from U.S. and Canada by air you can simply catch a flight and go. There are also cruise ships that stop here so if you decide to holiday on a cruise, you can still have these procedures done in a short time.

If you decide to stay in PV, as it is popularly called, you are spoiled for choice in terms of accommodations. You can stay in luxurious hotels, boutique hotels, budget places or even vacation rentals. There is plenty to see and do here including tourist attractions, natural wonders and, of course, warm waters and golden beaches. Best of all, medical care here is excellent and affordable.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

You really don’t want to take a chance with your skin. While these procedures are relatively safer than surgical options, they are not without risk. Overuse of botox can lead to health problems, including poisoning. Overuse of dermal fillers can cause your skin to have a puffy appearance. An improperly timed chemical can cause burns. You can also check out people’s experiences on the net.

When you book through Medical Departures, you are assured of safety. We carry out detailed investigations of the credentials and qualifications of the doctors and other medical staff. We make sure that the clinic has good amenities and hygiene standards. This way we give you an additional layer of safety when you book through us. We verify out clinics, paying personal visits; ensuring international standards are adhered to and confirming doctor qualifications.

How much time does removal of facial wrinkles take and what is the downtime associated with these treatments?

The time take really depends on how many procedures you are getting done at a time. For instance fillers and botox are injected via fine needles into the skin, often after an anesthetic topical cream is applied. The treatment can take between half an hour to an hour. Chemical peels are left on for a minute or even less, but preparation n and after care will take some time. Dermabrasion of different kinds is used to stimulate collagen and elastin production in deeper layers of the skin. Radiofrequency waves and lasers are also used for short periods of time to give the desired results.

You should be mobile after the procedures and not experience downtime, though you may need to be out of the sun and away from the water. With any of these procedures, the skin will take some time to heal and you may get the best results after about a month.

What is the cost of treatment of facial wrinkles?

Botox and dermal fillers are charged by the unit. Some doctors charge by the area of the face to be treated. All in all, it depends on how many units are used, though there is always a minimum charge. In the U.S. and Canada you can pay between US$ 500 to US$ 5,000 for these treatments (depending on where and how much work is required) and in Puerto Vallarta you will pay between 25 percent and 50 percent of this amount.

What now?

Find out more about our quality-checked clinics.

If you are already planning to go on a holiday to PV or you want to go there and get these treatments done, book with Medical Departures and confirm your booking so you don’t miss out or defer your plans. Our customer care team will help you with the booking process. Look below on ways to contact us.

After removal of facial wrinkles in Puerto Vallarta and your holiday, you will go home refreshed and rejuvenated, looking much younger.

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