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In Vitro Fertilization in Puerto Vallarta

The Ultimate Guide to In Vitro Fertilization in Puerto Vallarta

Searching holiday destination abroad for in vitro fertilization? In Puerto Vallarta you’ll discover a charming town, surrounded by lush green jungle and aquamarine waters - the perfect place to unwind and take life easy.

Failure can happen due to many reasons like low sperm or low sperm motility in the man, fallopian tube blockage or damage and lack of fallopian tubes, ovulation disorders in the woman or even no particular reason. Sometimes nature needs a helping hand and IVF, as it is popularly called, is commonly used for couples who may seem to be infertile.

The procedure may seem daunting because it takes a whole cycle and each one may not result in a pregnancy. However, as in other assisted reproductive techniques, there are some short cuts that can reduce some of the steps that make up the complete cycle. For instance, the man’s sperm can be frozen and used in other cycles and so can the eggs. Successful embryos, too, can be frozen for later pregnancies or if the first one does not take. This decreases the cost of subsequent cycles.

Why consider in vitro fertilization in Puerto Vallarta?

While you can get insurance costs for a certain number of IVF procedures or there is a financial cap and you have to pay the rest of the amount, if you have medical insurance that is, you do have to fulfill certain criteria, particularly age and other rules, which differ from state to state. Otherwise the insurance company will not pay. If you do not have insurance or you do not meet the criteria, then IVF can work out quite expensive.

In Puerto Vallarta in vitro fertilization is reasonably priced and affordable. Plus the cost of living is low in case you want to stay for some cycles as you can get rental accommodation or budget accommodation. It is also a great place for a holiday, for rest and relaxation or to indulge in sporting activities as desired. It has golden beaches, blue seas and many tourist attractions, a plethora of places to eat in and loads of shopping.

Why can’t you book on your own?

It would seem easy enough to make your own booking and go direct. However, you have no idea of the antecedents of the doctors, their qualification and the amenities at the clinics. You really don’t want to land up in a place and find it is not up to the mark. While IVF is a generally safe procedure you are going to be undergoing hormonal treatments, various tests and other procedures, including being under anesthesia and you should not take an unnecessary risk.

When you book through Medical Departures, you are ensuring safety for yourself. We do all the homework so you don’t have to. We investigate the credentials and qualifications of the doctors and pay personal visits to the clinic so that you have a safe procedure, with greater chance of succcess. You can see details of professional and international memberships on our clinic listings.

How long does the IVF process take and is there any downtime associated with it?

The in vitro fertilization process itself is not lengthy, but the work starts before the actual fertilization can occur. You have to take hormonal injections at a certain point in your cycle so that multiple eggs can be retrieved, increasing the chances of successful embryos. When eggs have matured, they are retrieved under sedation. They are then mixed with sperm and the resulting embryos, after incubating for three to five days are implanted in the uterus. At this stage, extra embryos can be frozen for later use. Blood tests, other tests and ultrasound are all pack of the package.

After implantation, you can rest for an hour or so and may want to lie down if told (depending on your individual problem) or even be able to walk out of the clinic. Obviously you should not be indulging in strenuous activities to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy and also take all medicines as necessary. Once your pregnancy is established and as per doctor’s advice you may be able to go home if all is well. If your cycle is not successful, you can stay on for the further cycles as well.

What is the cost of in vitro fertilization?

In the U.S. and Canada IVF can cost between US$ 12,000 and US$ 25,000. Later cycle cost will be lower if the eggs and sperm or embryos are there. In Puerto Vallarta prices start at US$ 4,000, an affordable rate.

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After in vitro fertilization in Puerto Vallarta you may be on your way to a successful pregnancy.

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