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Tummy Tuck in Puerto Vallarta

The Ultimate Guide to Tummy Tuck in Puerto Vallarta

Want a lovely, relaxing destination for a tummy tuck? In Puerto Vallarta you’ll get just that.

You may have decided it’s time to rid yourself of that loose abdominal skin, which plagues many of us. This may be due to weight loss, post pregnancy, aging or simply because your stomach is not in proportion to the rest of your body. In fact, it can be quite hard to lose weight around the stomach area (belly fat) and make it flat again, particularly if the muscles and skin have stretched.

A tummy tuck is called an abdominoplasty in medical terms. There are different kinds of tummy tuck surgeries such as:

Traditional – in this method the cuts are made from hip to hip and even the belly button is repositioned.
Mini – this uses a below the navel incision and so is suitable only for those who need work only in that area.
Extended – this not only involves the abdomen but also any love handles around the waist.
Circumferential – for excess skin removal after weight loss surgery, this surgery involves abdomen, buttocks, thighs and hips.
Endoscopic – this is only for those who may have a bit of fat (that is removed via liposuction) but basically have loose muscles that can be tightened endoscopically. This does not remove excess skin.

It is important to decide in consultation with the plastic surgeon which kind of tummy tuck procedure is right for you.

Why consider tummy tuck in Puerto Vallarta?

As a plastic surgery procedure, tummy tuck is something you have to pay for. If you have undergone bariatric surgery under medical insurance, some insurance companies may pay for some of the cost of removing excess skin, otherwise you are on your own. It is an expensive procedure so you may not get it done because of financial reasons. In Puerto Vallarta you can get this surgery done at an affordable price.

Since PV is a beautiful place with good climate, you can also combine a holiday with surgery. It has beaches, blue waters, the Sierra Madre range of mountains, lots of water based activities, sightseeing, shopping and dining attractions. You will find a lot to see and do here or you can simply have a relaxing holiday.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Abdominoplasty is complex and serious surgery. You really should not take a chance with any surgery that can be risky in any case, more so when it is an elective procedure that you are doing to look good. While you can book on your own, it is a matter of luck which doctor you will go to and whether or not you have a safe experience. In most plastic surgery forums, people ask for recommendations and also check out certain doctors or clinics or they write about their bad experiences.

When you do your booking through Medical Departures, we minimize the risk because we make sure that we are dealing with clinics and hospitals with a good track record. We also check out the accreditations and qualifications of the doctors, investigate their background, list professional memberships like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and make sure that  the clinic itself practices best hygiene practices. We want to make surgery a safe experience for you.

What is the time take for tummy tuck surgery and what is the estimated recovery period?

As there are varied surgical procedures used for different kinds of tummy tucks, the time taken for surgery can range from one and a half hours to five hours. The simpler procedures will take a shorter time, whereas the complex ones will take longer. Most likely you will be given general anesthesia and will need to spend a night or two in hospital post surgery.

After surgery you will have bandages and drains that need to be taken care of according to medical advice. You will also have to wear compression garments for several weeks. You will need two to three weeks of recovery period, though full recovery will take much longer. You will have to sleep on your back and take antibiotics and painkillers. Depending on the doctor’s advice regarding stitches you will have to stay on till you are well enough to fly back.

What is the cost of abdominoplasty in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta the price for tummy tuck surgery starts at US$ 3,500 upwards. In the U.S. and Canada you would pay between US$ 4,000 and US$ 15,000 for similar surgery.

What now?

Check out our listings for yourself and find out how our surgeons can help you.

If having a taut stomach is your goal, then go for this surgery. Book with Medical Departures now – our customer care team will answer your questions and help you with the booking process for Tummy Tucks in Puerto Vallarta.

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