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Dr Inder Clinic, Petaling Jaya is a world-class medical aesthetic clinic offering an extensive range of treatments for men and women of all ages.

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Procedure Price Quantity
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Face
USD 115
USD 6,747* USD 1,136-1,818
USD 18,034* USD 114-682
USD 2,687* USD 341-909
USD 955* USD 23-115
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Injectables & Dermal Fillers
USD 229-458
USD 183-390
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Rejuvenation
USD 390* USD 227-409
USD 68
USD 114-159
USD 23-115
USD 458-1,834
USD 114-159
USD 114-159
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Thread Lifting
USD 909-1,363
Hair Removal
USD 895* USD 69-458
Hair Transplant
USD 1,136-1,818
USD 8,396* USD 3
Weight Loss Surgery
USD 5,016* USD 1,363-3,408
Weight Loss, contouring, fat removal (Non Surgical)
USD 1,480* USD 273
USD 6,495* USD 454-1,363
USD 454-1,818
USD 115
USD 115
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