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Dr Ricardo Vega Montiel’s plastic surgery clinic is located in Tijuana, Mexico, offering comprehensive surgical, health and wellness treatments to rejuvenate and enhance.

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Procedure Price Quantity
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Breast
USD 11,829* USD 3,700
USD 10,503* USD 3,200
USD 10,886* USD 4,500
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Eyes
USD 6,319* USD 1,400
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Face
USD 8,386* USD 1,500
USD 6,855* USD 1,500
USD 18,034* USD 5,000-7,000
USD 10,922* USD 3,000
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Nose
USD 6,110* USD 3,400
Weight Loss Surgery
USD 5,016* USD 1,500-4,500
USD 8,700* USD 3,000
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