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Butt Lift in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Greater Seoul Area

Flat or sagging bottoms can be made shapelier with a butt lift. In Seoul, our surgeons offer an affordable alternative to expensive surgery at home, and as one of the world’s capitals of cosmetic surgery, you can be sure the expertise is second-to-none.

Why should I get a Butt Lift in Seoul?

Seoul is a spectacular city that successfully combines styles - industrial buildings with green spaces; traditional culture with 21st century living; traditional wooden homes with contemporary glass and steel offices; street food with fine dining – so that visitors can make the most of its modern dynamism as well as experiencing its unique temples, palaces and historical sites.

Seoul offers visitors a lot of attractions, whether as a traditional tourist or as a medical tourist, and it also provides top-quality healthcare facilities with international accreditations, like ISO or JCI, that rival any you are likely to see at home.

Surgeons here are generally skillful – especially in the art of cosmetic and plastic surgery as it is much in demand here. Koreans are competitive and like to make the most of themselves. They are very image conscious and so plastic surgery is deemed to almost be a necessity for anyone wanting to project the best appearance they can.

South Korea may not be top of the holiday bucket list countries to visit, but it is becoming more popular as people are keener than ever to visit destinations rather than the tried and tested. It has already made its mark with Japanese and Chines tourists, and especially medical tourists from those countries, who are drawn here because of great prices, skilled surgeons and excellent quality. If you are looking to go abroad to save money on a butt lift procedure then you should seriously consider adding Seoul to your shortlist.

How long does a butt lift procedure take, and what’s involved in the surgery?

As with a lot of cosmetic surgery procedures, there’s usually a number of techniques that can be used to do butt lift surgery with regard to where your surgeon will make the incisions. This will be discussed with you beforehand but they could be in the groin, hip or at the top of the buttocks. This is where the loose skin will be removed and the remainder stretched and stitched in place.

The surgery takes between 3 and 6 hours.

What is the recovery time after a butt lift?

You will feel tender after the surgery and may find you are wearing a compression garment, to ease swelling, and you may have drains to get rid of fluid from the wounds. You will be encouraged to walk around as soon as you can after the procedure as this does help to ease swelling considerably – and speed your recovery. Sitting down may be uncomfortable for several days and you may find you have to lie on your stomach until sitting is bearable.

It will take a week or so before you feel a lot better, and 2 – 3 before you will be comfortable with your everyday goings-on. Taking things slowly is the key, and deferring any vigorous exercise for at least 6 weeks.

How much do butt lifts in Seoul cost, compared to Australia or New Zealand?

In Seoul butt lifts cost 50% less than they do in Australia.

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