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Laser Eye Surgery in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery in Greater Seoul Area

Looking for options for laser eye surgery in Seoul? With Medical Departures you can book with quality-checked clinics and physicians, and look forward to getting your eyesight back without resorting to glasses or contact lenses.

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

Medical lasers have been in use for some time now, helping to treat all sorts of problems from excess hair to dental problems. Their use in correcting vision problems, including short sight, long sight and distorted lenses, is now fairly commonplace. Provided you are over 18 years of age and can refrain from wearing contact lenses for 2-4 weeks before the treatment, you may be a good candidate.

Prior to treatment you should see a suitably qualified professional who can diagnose your problem correctly.

Why have Laser Eye Surgery in Seoul?

South Korea is home to one of the world’s technology giants – Samsung – and on a whole, it is no slouch when it comes to embracing the newest innovations. In fact, the country has more MRI and CT scanners per capita than some European countries, including Germany and the UK.

Seoul is a modern city, and its healthcare facilities contemporary. Globalization has seen to it that medical training and techniques do not differ significantly from country to country. International professional organizations and cross-border training ensures this is increasingly the case, and so patients who are traveling abroad can rest assured that standards are generally good.

Of course, if you are traveling abroad for any kind of surgery you would want to know a little bit more than general information, and we do recommend that you do your own checks on the clinics and/or doctors you are shortlisting.

At Medical Departures we have done our own background checks, and we publish our results on our website for all to see. Our measures include onsite visits, checking patient reviews, verifying doctor qualifications and professional memberships, as well as criminal and legal checks. Along with high-definition photos, maps, prices and other useful information, you can get a good overview of our clinics and make a decision for yourself on where to choose.

What is involved in the procedure for Laser Eye Surgery in Seoul?

Prior to treatment you should not wear contact lenses for 2-4 weeks because this may distort the lens which will affect the treatment outcome.

Before the treatment commences the eye is cleaned and anesthetized with eye drops. A suction ring will be placed over the lens (cornea) and a small flap cut in the lens. This is held open and a computer-guided laser removes the corneal tissue bases on the calculations made by your ophthalmologist. The flap is moved back into position one the procedure is complete.

What is the recovery time from laser eye surgery?

Recovery time is fairly quick with some people noticing an immediate improvement to their vision. Blurry vision and watery, irritated eyes may be a side-effect, but this should only be for a day or two. You should be able to return to your everyday activities after a few days – although some people are raring to go the next day. You will need to take care not to dislodge the flap or traumatize the eye for a few weeks.

What is the comparison of laser eye surgery in Seoul compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Prices are around 50% less for laser eye surgery in Seoul than they are in Australia.

What next?

Find out more about our clinics and medical staff.

If you’d like to book an appointment see below, or get in touch with Customer Care if you’d like to discuss laser eye surgery in Seoul.

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