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Bariatric Surgery in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Bariatric Surgery in South Korea

Discover the answer to your weight loss problems with Bariatric Surgery in South Korea. This is one of Asia’s top destinations for surgery, and offers patients experienced obesity surgeons at affordable prices.

Although South Korea has a big reputation in cosmetic surgery, it has become an important destination for medical tourists for all kinds of procedures, including obesity surgery. Medical Departures can help you find good-quality bariatric surgeons throughout South Korea who can help you to shed the weight and get a healthy lifestyle back.

Why should I choose South Korea for Bariatric Surgery?

While it is true that bariatric surgery will help you to lose weight, it isn’t the complete answer to your weight problems. Any form of surgery must be given careful consideration as it doesn’t come without risks – and this is particularly so if you are very overweight.

Weight loss surgery is just the first step in a lifelong process of changing bad habits, and of understanding the importance of healthy eating and exercise in achieving progressive weight loss - and maintaining it.

South Korea has been gaining in popularity over the last few years as a medical tourist destination. It now has more than thirty Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals, and has specialist Obesity Clinics providing all-round care and support for weight disorders, and offering a variety of options including surgery and non-surgery. Obesity surgeons in South Korea are highly-skilled likely to be members of international professional organizations, such as the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity.

It is one of the world’s most technologically-advanced nations with around 90% of homes connected to countrywide high-speed internet access, and world-renowned technology brands, including LG and Samsung are located here. As you would expect, medical facilities utilize the most up-to-date technologies and are equipped with state-of-the-art resources.

What is the procedure and recovery time from bariatric surgery?

This depends on what method of weight loss surgery is performed. Some procedures only require an overnight stay, but for others you may be in hospital for around 5 days.

Most bariatric surgery is typically performed with a laparoscope (keyhole surgery) where instead of large incisions being made to carry out surgery, multiple, smaller incisions are made instead, which results in less healing time.

Regardless of what type of surgery you have, you will need to give your digestive system time to recover and will be off food for the next few days. Slowly you can start to reintroduce foods, starting with liquids, then soft foods before back to solids.

Your body may take a little time to readjust to the new routine. You obviously won’t be able to eat as much as before, and once your body has healed from the surgery, you will need to start an exercise regime.

You are likely to feel tired and cold, and maybe a little off-color for a month or two while your body gets used to its new schedule. After that, you should be feeling fine, much fitter and happier, especially as the weight will be coming off rapidly.

What is the cost of bariatric surgery in South Korea, compared to

Bariatric Surgery in the United States costs, on average, around $20,000 (CAD $26,000; GBP £13,000; €17,500; AUD $27,000), and you can save around 50% by traveling to South Korea.

What now?

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