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Gastric Band in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Band in South Korea

Are you carrying too much extra weight you can’t shift? A Gastric Band in South Korea can help you get down to a normal weight without waiting lists or excessive prices.

Reclaim your life, your health and your self-esteem and find out how our discrete, understanding surgeons can help to get you back on track.

Why have a gastric band in South Korea?

South Korea is becoming a credible medical tourist destination. Cosmetic surgeries are the most popular treatments here, especially with the Japanese and Chinese, but increasingly spine surgery, cancer treatments and weight loss surgery are becoming more commonplace.

South Korea is not a third-world country – far from it. Technology giant Samsung originates here and the whole country is wired-up for high-speed internet. Healthcare facilities are also excellent, containing state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and staffed by doctors and ancillary personnel who are highly-skilled and well-qualified.

In terms of good facilities, the country has more than 30 Joint Commission International accredited hospitals – JCI accreditation being the international gold standard for quality healthcare provisions.

Medical tourists will find facilities and standards to be exceptionally high, but what about afterwards – is there anything to do? Yes. South Korea’s cities are engaging and exciting. There’s any amount of international dining experiences, world-class hotels, high-speed trains to get around and fantastic landscapes, from beaches to mountains to valleys. Western tourism hasn’t really discovered South Korea yet, but it’s only a matter of time before it does.

What’s involved in Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric band is probably the most popular of all the bariatric (weight loss) surgery procedures. It can be carried out in about an hour, and most patients don’t even need to spend a night in hospital.

The surgery works by attaching a band around the upper part of the stomach. A balloon is contained within the band with a tube that rests just under the surface of the skin. Saline fed through the tube to increase the size of the balloon, which tightens the band. More or less saline can be added or removed to increase and decrease the tightness of the band and, therefore, the amount of food that can be consumed. The band decreases the size of the stomach so that it gets fuller quicker. The patient eats less food, and so weight loss occurs.

How much does a Gastric Band cost in South Korea compared to Australia?

Gastric bands cost 50% less in South Korea compared to Australia.

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