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Light-based Hair Removal in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Light-based Hair Removal in South Korea

Looking for ways to remove unwanted hair in South Korea? Light based hair removal is an effective, affordable solution that over time weakens and stops hair growth in its tracks. Find quality-checked clinics throughout South Korea with Medical Departures.

How does Light Based Hair Removal work and am I suitable for it?

Light based hair removal works by sending a heat pulse down the hair shaft to the follicle, causing it to die. It is most effective on dark hair and pale skin – mainly because dark colors absorb heat more than light colors; which also means that dark skin will tend to absorb the heat as well as the hair follicle, weakening the effectiveness of the treatment.

You must be prepared to undergo several sessions of treatment – sometimes up to 8, as hair grows in different cycles and each hair will take several sessions before the follicle dies completely.

If you are pregnant, have photosensitivities or on some particular medications the treatment may not be advisable. Your clinician will be able to give you further advice on this.

Why should I have Light Based Hair Removal in South Korea?

Building on the legacy of Seoul Olympics, South Korea is a country immersed in the latest technologies and it is also gaining a solid reputation for medical tourism. The Korean culture is geared toward people looking their best, particularly in younger generations, and there are beauty clinics seemingly on every street corner.

There is no doubt that you will easily find a high-quality clinic for your light-based hair removal treatment – at prices that are very competitive and significantly lower than at home.

With Medical Departures you are assured of good quality as we visit our clinics personally and do a number of other background checks that include criminal and legal records, confirmation of qualifications and professional memberships and gathering patient reviews. This information is included on our website under each listing, along with high definition photos and virtual clinic tours. There are many clinics out there so why not choose one whose credentials stack up?

What will happen during the procedure for Light Based Hair Removal treatment?

A number of safety measures should be performed before your treatment starts – safety glasses should be given to you for eye protection and a skin test should be done to make sure you have no allergic reactions.

The treatment is uncomfortable rather than painful and is carried out by your practitioner using a hand-held device that will be touched lightly against your skin. As each hair is burnt there will be brief flashes of light. Your skin may get hot and you may smell the hair burning – but don’t worry, this is how you know the treatment is working. Some machines may spray fine cooling water to soothe the heat.

What is the recovery time from the procedure?

You may notice a little swelling and redness immediately after treatment – a little like sunburn – but this should disappear after a day or two. Some people notice that their skin pigment darkens slightly, but this fades in time (although it may take several months).

What is the cost of light based hair removal treatment in South Korea?

Light based hair removal in South Korea costs on average AUD $300 (US $200, CANADA $300, UK £150, EUROPE €200), compared to an average price of AUD $1,200 in Australia (US $870, CANADA $1200, UK £600, EUROPE €800)?

What now?

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