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Eye Bag Removal in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Bag Removal in Thailand

Revitalize your peepers with eye bag removal in Thailand. Removing the excess skin and fat from the upper and lower lids will open up your eyes, correct your wrinkles and make you look a lot younger.

The muscle tone and elasticity around your eyes begins to get looser as we age but can also be made worse by other factors, some in your power to stop – and others not. They could be caused by smoking or too much sun exposure, but could also be hereditary.

Blepharoplasty, the medical term for modifying the upper and lower eyelids, can help the area around the eyes cosmetically, and in some cases can help eyesight if the skin is so loose it hangs over the eyes.

Why have Eye Bag Removal in Thailand?

Leading the world as a medical tourism destination, Thailand earns a staggering amount of revenue from it, and a large percentage of it is ploughed back into the industry. By constantly improving services and facilities, Thailand remains one of the most sought-after medical tourism locations, keeping the country ahead of the competition.

This is good for the country, the industry and for patients. If Thailand ever had an image of dirty, backstreet clinics and unqualified doctors then you only need to take a look at one of the Joint Commission International accredited facilities to turn this image on its head.

Some hospitals here look more like hotels, and if you are a medical tourist why shouldn’t they? Five-star facilities, including free drinks in the lounge areas, in-house travel agents, interpreter and translation services – and that’s before you’ve even stepped into a ward. But of course there aren’t wards here. There are top-of-the-range suites with living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens – all with contemporary décor and features, such as wi-fi – and room for your family to stay too.

It is not just the clinic and hospital facilities that are first-class, but the medical care too. Thailand’s medical education and training is just as rigorous as it is in the West and to become a plastic surgeon you must also do years of additional training – just as doctors do in the US, Australia and the UK.

The quality of the care may well be the most important reason for coming to Thailand for eye bag removal, but so too is the cost – and with prices around 60% less here, it’s an extraordinary saving to make and for most patients more than worth the trip.

How long is Eye Bag Removal in Thailand and when can I go back to work?

It depends on whether you are having the upper lids, the lower lids or both done, but it is generally between 1 and 3 hours.

For the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic or light sedation. In the upper lids, incisions are made following the natural lines of the lid, in the creases. In the lower lid the incision is made inside the lid, leaving no visible scar.

Excess fat and skin is removed through the incision which is then stitched over when the procedure is complete.
Your eyes may have steri strips over the stitches, as well as bandages. You will need to take things slowly for at least 5 days, and try not to do anything too strenuous, or that will raise your blood pressure. You can return to work after a week if you feel alright, but sports, heavy lifting and anything strenuous should be avoided for at least three weeks.

What is the cost of Eye Bag Removal in Thailand compared to Australia?

The cost will vary depending on whether you have surgery to lower, upper or both eyelids. As a rough gauge, Eye bag removal in Thailand will cost in the region of AUD $3,000 - AUD $5,000, compared to AUD $6,500 - AUD $10,500 in Australia.

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This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

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