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Gastric Bypass in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Bypass in Thailand

Choose to have your gastric bypass in Thailand to save around 50%, and experience a superior quality of care that you never thought possible.

Carrying a lot of extra weight can lead to some serious health problems. If by dieting and exercising you haven’t managed to lose weight, then a gastric bypass may the answer.

Why ger a gastric bypass in Thailand?

If your health is at risk then you will have to take drastic action. Weight loss surgery is radical, but it is fairly commonplace – and it does work. It is an expensive option, which is why so many people come to Thailand for their surgery.

Thailand is still considered to be a developing nation, and consequently, the cost of living is less. Wages, rents, insurances and all those other things which bump up your medical bills at home are a fraction of the cost here. This results in the incredible savings Westerners experience in Thailand.

The country is a haven for leisure and medical tourists alike – its amazing culture, beautiful beaches and courteous people drawing people back time and time again. Thailand is renowned for its service culture, and medical tourists can expect efficient, five-star service in hospitals and clinics which feel, run and look like 5* hotels. If you are used to public health services, Thailand’s private healthcare will completely bowl you over.

English-speaking medical staff are well-qualified and experts in their fields. Formalities such as payments are handled with ease. Aftercare is a luxury room with all mod cons, and additional services designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

There are some incredibly well-run, efficient hospitals and clinics that compete with the best healthcare services anywhere in the world. But – that isn’t to say that every facility in Thailand has glowing reports – and you should always do some homework and make sure you book with someone who has a good reputation.Look out for your surgeon's qualifications and memberships of international professional organizations, such as the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity.

What does the gastric bypass involve and how long does it take?

The procedure is usually performed laparoscopically (which is better known as keyhole surgery), under a general anaesthetic. Instead of large incisions made across the abdomen, six tiny incisions are made through which the laparoscope (long tube) is inserted. This has a camera on it so the surgeon can see what they are doing via a monitor.

Using surgical staples, the stomach will be divided, making a small pouch at the top. This is connected to the bottom of the small intestine, so that when food enters the pouch it will bypass the main part of the stomach and a large part of the small intestine. After the procedure is complete your wounds will be closed using clips or stitches.

It should take around an hour, although rarely it could be up to a few hours.

What is the recovery time?

You will not be allowed to eat anything for a few days in order to let your stomach and digestive system heal. You will be allowed to leave hospital 2 – 5 days later and will be advised to start a liquid diet, moving onto pureed or soft food, such as mashed potato before returning to normal food. You will be advised on a diet, and you will have to make radical changes to your lifestyle – both in the food you consume and becoming more active as you lose weight. You will probably need to spend around 2 weeks’ in Thailand after the surgery, and be carefully monitored afterwards with blood tests, to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need.

What is the cost of gastric bypass surgery in Thailand compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The average cost of gastric bypass surgery in Thailand is AUD 11,500 (US $9,000, CAD $11,000, £5,000 GBP, €8,000) compared with AUD $23,000 in Australia (US $18,000, CAD $22,000, £11,000 GBP, €16,000).

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