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Labiaplasty in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Labiaplasty in Thailand

Save at least 50% on labiaplasty in Thailand. Often done in conjunction with other procedures as part of a vaginal rejuvenation, you can experience the best care by quality-checked surgeons when you book with Medical Departures.

The labia are the folds of skin surrounding the vagina. They consist of the outer folds (the labia majora) and the inner folds (the labia minora) and surgery can be performed on both. It is indicated when the labia are too big, causing discomfort, pain or hygiene problems; or it could be done as part of a repair procedure if the labia are damaged during childbirth; or as part of a vaginal rejuvenation if a woman feels they are too big, or untidy.

Why get labiaplasty in Thailand?

Thailand is a world-leader in medical tourism – and has been for a couple of decades. Hospitals and clinics that treat international patients are among the best in the world – with top-class facilities, stringent hygiene and safety procedures and English-speaking staff.

The medical profession is much revered here, and doctors have extensive training, just like Western doctors. Thanks to the globalization, new techniques and training are assimilated into the culture quickly, and so you can expect the same expertise as you would at home.

Labiaplasty is a fairly quick procedure in terms of surgery, and is often done as an out-patient, necessitating no overnight stay in hospital (which may disappoint you as some Thai Hospitals feel more like 5* hotels).

Obviously, many people choose to have their surgery because of the cost – it is around 50% less than what you’d pay at home. However, coming to Thailand has other benefits – it is, of course, one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations, and so why not use your savings and enjoy a holiday while you’re here? The downtime from the labiaplasty surgery is not too bad, and certainly after a week you’ll be taking part in everyday activities as normal.

What is the procedure for labiaplasty and how long does it take?

Labiaplasty may be performed under a general or a local anaesthetic, and is generally only around an hour. Excess tissue or skin is removed by a scalpel, or with a laser, and the remaining tissue sutured with dissolvable stitches.

What is the recovery time for labiaplasty?

You will most likely experience some pain, stinging and discomfort after surgery, and will be given pain medication. It is important to keep the area clean and dry, so wearing feminine pads is advisable. You will be encouraged to walk around, as this helps to reduce swelling, so aiding the healing process, and reduces the chance of blood clots.

You should be engaging in normal, everyday activities after a week, but should avoid sex, heavy lifting, and strenuous or vigorous exercise, such as swimming for 6 weeks.

What is the cost of labiaplasty in Thailand compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of labiaplasty in Thailand is around $1,500 (US $1,000, CAD $1,400, £700 GBP, €900) compared to around AUD $5,000 (US $4,300, CAD $4,500, £2,300 GBP, €3,100) in Australia.

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