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Hip Replacement in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Hip Replacement in Tijuana

Restore your movement and save thousands on hip replacements in Tijuana. If pain and immobility caused by arthritis is affecting your life, we can help you find surgeons and clinics that will cost at least 60% less than at home, saving you tens of thousands.

Tijuana’s facilities and medical expertise rivals the best in the world, and whether you are traveling from the US and Canada, or long-haul from much further afield, you’ll be amazed how the prices compare.

Why get a hip replacement in Tijuana?

Apart from the lower costs associated with hip replacements in Tijuana, the standard of expertise, care and facilities are second-to-none. Because of the proximity of Tijuana to the US border, and its popularity with visiting Americans, Tijuana has become a hub for medical tourists. Excellent hospitals, personalized, attentive care from staff as well as the skill of the medical staff, combine to make your experience of surgery in Tijuana a memorable one – and for all the right reasons. Many of the orthopaedic surgeons in Mexico are also members of the American Association, so you know standards will be as good as at home.

Choosing the right surgeon and facility is the best advice we can give you. Surgery is never risk-free, but you can give yourself the best chance of a favorable outcome but doing some research and comparing what is on offer. Price may be an important factor, but this should not be to the exclusion of everything else.

So – what else should you be looking at? Obviously, you want to look for trustworthiness and credentials that add up. There’s no foolproof way of doing this, apart to research and equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can, so that you have a good overview and can make your own informed decisions.

Medical Departures makes the process easier. We have already researched our provider listings – and we publish professional memberships, doctor qualifications and real patient testimonials. We also include high definition clinic photos and virtual tours, so you can get a look at any clinics which can help you decide whether you like the look of a place. Our background checks also include criminal and legal records, as well as personal clinic visits. You won’t find any clinic on our site that we are not happy with.

How long do hip replacements take and how long will I need to stay in Tijuana?

The procedure only takes between 1 and 2 hours and you will be in hospital between 1 and 4 days. The speedier your recovery, the quicker you will be discharged, so this means being able to accomplish small goals, such as getting in and out of bed, walking (with sticks, crutches or a frame) and getting up and down several stairs. You will need to stay in Tijuana between 5 and 7 days.

What is the recovery time following a hip replacement?

You will be encouraged to remain active as this will speed your recovery. In the days following surgery you will experience pain and discomfort, but will be prescribed pain relief. You will need to keep the wound area clean and dry, and your doctor will let you know when you can shower or bathe. Swelling and bruising will start to subside after a week, but it may take 3-6 months before the swelling is completely gone.

It may take several weeks before you can return to work; 4-6 weeks before it is safe for you to drive again and 2 months’ or longer before you resume sporting activities. The key is to keep active, but not push yourself too hard. It may be a year or so before you feel completely healed.

How much do hip replacements in Tijuana cost compared to The US or Canada?

In Tijuana, hip replacements cost around $13,000 (CAD $17,000; GBP £8,500; €8,000; AUD $17,700), compared to around $30,000 in the United States (CAD $39,000; GBP £19,600; €26,400; AUD $41,000).

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