4 Reasons to Get Your Breast Lift Surgery in Thailand


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You have at least four good reasons to take the plunge if you are thinking about undergoing breast lift surgery in Thailand :

1: Prices are Low

The cost of breast lift surgery in Thailand is approximately a third of the prices at home, a potential saving of thousands! You can check out a comparison of Thailand’s prices alongside Western countries here:



NZ $

UK £


US $


Cost of Breast Lift Surgery – Home







Cost of Breast Lift Surgery – Thailand







You won’t only save on the expenses of surgery: all travel costs here are a lot lower than at home, along with the general cost-of-living. Accommodation, transport, dining out, entertainment and most everything else can be had for a fraction, one big reason Thailand is the world’s most popular global destination for cosmetic treatments. Therefore, you can afford to splash out on a little luxury in terms of hotels and pampering after your surgery to help you get back to fitness in style!


2: Thailand is great for Tourists and Medical Tourists

Thailand has everything for the discerning traveller. This diverse country of nearly 70 million boasts spectacular natural beauty, from lush, green forests, to idyllic white, sandy beaches and world-class diving. Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for people from all over the world. There is so much to explore, the climate is very welcoming, the people extremely friendly and accommodating. Thailand’s medical tourism industry has piggy-backed the country’s traditional tourism facilities and high-regarded healthcare infrastructure, with most of the excellent facilities in Bangkok and resort towns (like Phuket) where services and amenities are bountiful.

3: Thailand’s Private Healthcare Industry Is World-Class

Thanks to a huge commitment and investment by the Thai Government in the infrastructure of the entire healthcare industry, Thailand has top-notch facilities, equipment, and clinical expertise. . There are over 1,000 hospitals in the Kingdom, almost half of them private. These are the facilities where medical tourists receive treatment, and by and large they are modern, state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics with internationally-recognized accreditations, such as ISO, and JCI in the larger centers. Doctors and surgeons are well-trained and many hold qualifications from Western countries.

4: Medical Departures Makes it Easy to Book with Confidence

Going abroad for surgery is daunting to organise, but Medical Departures has made the process as safe and simple as possible. With Medical Departures you don’t have to conduct background checks as we’ve already done that, and you can review our listings online to see details of doctor qualifications, professional memberships, prices and before & after photos. We have also conducted onsite visits of all clinics to ensure everything is as it should be, and we post maps and authentic, verified patient reviews online so it’s easy to search for a clinic and peruse all the pertinent information, enabling you to make an informed choice.

Here are some of the most popular clinics in Thailand for breast lift Surgery:

The Bottom Line

For breast lift surgery, the beautiful resort town of Phuket or bustling capital of Bangkok are excellent destination choices. Check out the reviews of Thailand’s top-rated facilities before starting to plan your trip with Medical Departures, then get in touch when you’ve made your choice.


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