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Procreation vacation: Why the global IVF market is booming
Cancun and Tijuana are the most popular destinations in Mexico, according to Medical Departures, a medical tourism website. A single cycle for IVF in the country costs about $4,500 with another $3,500 for medication.
As UK dental system decays, surging numbers seek treatment abroad
Dental Departures, which says it is the world's largest dental tourism company by revenue, is expecting bookings from Britain to jump 15% to a record high in 2023.
Despite the pandemic and inflation, the medical tourism industry is booming.
“As you’re seeing inflation at the pump, at the grocery store, you’re also seeing it at the hospital. The price of medicine and dental care has gone up and we’ve been a benefactor of that,” Paul McTaggart, CEO and founder of medical travel agency Medical Departures, told CNBC.
Medical Tourism Can Get You Healthcare Bargains Abroad
In Mexico, American travelers can save anywhere from 60% to 80% on popular dental procedures. For example, the average cost of dental implants in Mexico is $1,190 per tooth, compared with $3,822 in the States, according to Medical Departures, a medical tourism agency and comparison website.
7 Trends Challenging the Dental Industry
[Interview with] Paul McTaggart. CEO of Dental Departures (Seattle): “A dangerous trend in dentistry today is the high and rising costs of dental care, forcing millions of patients worldwide to forgo treatment, thereby compromising their overall health and creating larger, costlier conditions down the road.”
What to Know Before You Consider ‘Medical Tourism’
Medical Departures...has booked 130,000 trips in the past 10 years.
Is it dangerous to travel to Mexico?
Medical Departures, which helps Americans plan medical tourism trips, sends more than 100,000 people to Mexico for procedures each year.
The 4 kidnapped Americans are part of a large wave of U.S. medical tourism in Mexico
Nearly 780,000 people were projected to leave the U.S. for health care in 2022, according to data from the medical travel website Medical Departures.
Medical Travel Soars Past Pre-Pandemic Numbers reviewed 2022 figures provided by leading platform Medical Departures, an Expedia for medical travel...263,000 Americans are expected to seek medical treatments overseas in 2022, up from 115,000 in the pandemic year 2020.
The Internet Applauds This TikToker From Atlanta For Making A Last-Minute Trip To Turkey Just To Avoid Paying $3099 For A Root Canal Fix
Dental Departures...has booked more than 130,000 patients in some 40 destinations worldwide, making the organization the largest online dental travel agency.
Here’s What a Root Canal Costs in 5 Countries
According to Dental Departures, the average price for a root canal, build-up, and crown is $2,094 in the United States. For Americans looking to trim the total cost of dental work, traveling abroad may be the best option.
Mexico is the destination for US medical travel
Analysis by US health insurer, shows that for most Americans, medical travel means heading south of the border to Mexico, for dental treatment.
Americans Are Flocking to Other Countries for Medical Procedures
...proprietary data from Medical Departures, an “Expedia for medical travel,” 2020 an estimated 290,000 Americans went abroad for dental and medical procedures. The previous year, some 780,000 sought outbound services. Projected analysis for 2021 is 650,000
American Health Tourists Active
...Americans are willing to travel to Asia, mainly Thailand and the Philippines, for other medical services. Bangkok is their favourite destination for cosmetic procedures such as botox/fillers, breast augmentation, hair transplants and rhinoplasty.
Study Finds Dental and Medical Care South of the Border are Good Options for Americans
Medical travel has largely rebounded to pre-pandemic levels while spending has increased 20% to 50%. Americans are traveling abroad to save anywhere from 50% to 80% on medical and dental procedures. In Mexico, root canals are 80% cheaper and in vitro fertilization 75.5%.