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Latest review

Simon Hughes

16 2024

I got the 360 Lipo (opted out for the tummy tuck) - I was EXTREMELY impressed with their organisation, i arrived and was transported to the apartment i arranged, they would pick me up and drop me off each time i needed to visit (communicated over WhatsApp). When i arrived it was a rush to get payment but they were patient when a few of my cards didnt work (i suggest you bring multiple credit cards). There was a lack of communication on what to expect during and AFTER surgery, black and enlarged scrotum had me worried and wasnt warned about it and i had to google what i needed to do after surgery for recovery, they didnt sit me down and walk me through the process, just put me on a bed and was done, they did regularily check me when in the bed after surgery and was very professional, but most of the staff there had to use translators on their phone to communicate. I felt it was worth the money to get the surgery done and was a suitable place for the budget. Suggest you do NOT do this alone, took me 7 days recovery in Turkey before being able to travel back to AU, had a final checkup day before leaving.

mele soriano

02 2024


Juntima S.

01 2024

Excellent service. I am very happy for before and after surgery.

Jittree S.

01 2024

Great hospital, friendly and professional.

Maliwan W.

01 2024

The doctor is Professional.

Nuttiya P.

01 2024

Doctor is very Professional and Surgery looks natural.

Pheeyamanee J.

01 2024

I got the Eyelid Surgery here.Really love it.Thank you Dr. Akkarash.

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