A mommy makeover in Playa del Carmen may be just what you need


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Don’t you recognize your figure any more with floppy breasts and a sagging tummy? Are you thinking of surgical options like a mommy makeover? Playa del Carmen offers affordable surgery that will help you get your figure back – and you can recuperate there on vacation afterwards.

What does a mommy makeover involve?

No longer just the prerogative of celebrities and those in the news, a mommy makeover will give you a toned and attractive figure that you can show off in beach, gym wear and tight clothes. In this age of instant photos and picture sharing, it is important that you look as good as you possibly can. A sagging tummy and loose and floppy breasts may affect your self-esteem, which in turn has a knock-on effect on how you present yourself to the world.

The mommy makeover surgery usually comes as an individualized package, tailored to your requirements. You may require breast reduction or implants and a breast lift to restore your breasts to a comfortable size. You may require a mini or traditional abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, with or without liposuction. At the same time you can also opt for other surgeries like arm and thigh lift, vaginoplasty and even facial cosmetic procedures that are rejuvenating and anti-aging. To get a better idea of what’s available, have a look online at other patient’s experiences through mommy makeover reviews. Playa del Carmen’s surgeons will also be more than happy to talk you through the options.


What is the mommy makeover price in Playa del Carmen?

As the mommy makeover comprises different surgeries and you can get a package deal, the starting average price of this procedure in an advanced country is around US$13,000 (CAD16,395, £9,825, €10,983, AUD16,407, NZD17,576).

A mommy makeover in Playa del Carmen , for similar work, you would pay an average of US$7,500 (CAD9,458, £5,669, €6,336, AUD9,466, NZD10,140). You save considerably by going to Playa del Carmen and you also get to have a holiday in this area which is known as the Riviera.

Age less Clinic

If you want to go to a top clinic in Playa del Carmen then Age less Clinic believes that you can preserve your youth with some medical help. The clinic is quality checked and MD verified. We also give you the best price guarantee. The doctors at this clinic are Dr. Luigi Palermo, surgeon and anti-aging specialist and Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin, plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

The clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgeries to improve your body and your facial contours. You can opt for anti-aging therapies like Botox and fillers, acne and scar treatments, vampire facelift and other cosmetic treatments at this clinic while going there for mommy makeover. It also offers cosmetic treatments, beauty treatments, nutritional care and spa therapies so is a one-stop shop for your beauty and health requirements in luxurious surroundings.

Book with Medical Departures for your mommy makeover in Playa del Carmen and get your youthful figure back.