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Are you looking to get a permanent solution for your hair loss or correct your hair growth issues? At the Bangkok Hospital Phuket, hair transplant procedures are one of the top procedures provided.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Also known as “hair transplantation”, a hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from a part of the body (the donor site) and implanted on the scalp (recipient site) thus allowing them to grow in their new location in order to correct any lack of hair patches. Hair transplants are usually done to correct genetic male pattern baldness (baldness that affects the top and center of the scalp and runs in the family), to replace hair patches that are unable to grow as a result of a scar (post-surgical), a severe scalp infection (tinea capitis, hidradenitis suppurativa) or following a facelift. Other causes of male pattern baldness include hormones, age and metabolic disturbances. A hair transplant would restore the patient’s appearance, boost his confidence and allow him to lead a normal life.

Why Choose Bangkok Hospital Phuket for my Hair Transplant?

Located in the Muang district in Phuket, the Bangkok Hospital Phuket is one of the premier hospitals in the city. It is a multi-specialty hospital that provides a wide array of medical and surgical services to both national and international patients traveling to Thailand for plastic surgery and medical care. As one of the top hospitals in the city, the Bangkok Hospital Phuket is accredited by the Joint Commission of International Accreditation (JCI USA). The Bangkok Hospital Phuket has also received several recognition awards, highlighting its quality of service and dedication to providing excellent patient care.


At Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, Hair transplant procedures are the most common cosmetic procedures performed, and there is more than one reason to choose this facility as you go-to hospital for hair transplant.

First, the Bangkok Hospital Phuket offers is very modern and offers state-of-art facilities. Additionally, the hospital has a skilled workforce of board certified surgeons, physicians and nurses that work together to provide excellent care. Bangkok Hospital hair transplant reviews indicate that with Medical Departures the majority of patients are satisfied with the care and treatment they receive at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Finally, the cost of treatment for a hair transplant at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket is unbelievably cheaper than what you’d pay for the same procedure home. For instance, in Bangkok, a hair transplant procedure would cost AUD 214 (NZD 231) compared to AUD 11,829 (NZD 11,940) if you were to do the same procedure in the USA.

Getting the Best Care at the best Price with Medical Departures

By entrusting Medical Departures to take care of your hair transplant in Phuket you not only ensure that you receive the best rates and care packages, but also, you’ll receive the highest level of care. Medical Departures connects you with more than 800 physicians, surgeons and providers. You can also check out reviews from patients who have undergone this procedure prior, and see before and after pictures of their hair transplant results.

So if you’re really looking to get a hair transplant done, head to our Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. Hair transplant reviews from our Medical Departures clients will give you more than one reasons to work with us.

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