An Ultimate Guide to Rhinoplasty in Bali


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Are you burdened by breathing problems, or do you look at your face in the mirror and want to see something else? If so, you should consider getting rhinoplasty in Bali. Australian accredited hospitals on Bali, like BIMC, offer low prices for expert rhinoplasty procedures.

1. Bali Rhinoplasty

When you are considering rhinoplasty, primary factors to consider include the quality of care, the expertise of the surgeon, the price, and the stress of the surrounding environment. In Bali, your rhinoplasty can be provided by hospitals that provide an Australian level of care and expertise, at a competitive price, with 5 star amenities, and in the serene environment of island life.


2. Reviews of Rhinoplasty in Bali

Rhinoplasty in Bali really started emerging on the medical tourism landscape in 2012. Take for instance the full service hospital BIMC, which opened a state of the art medical facility in Kuta in partnership with the Marriott hotel group during the summer of 2012. BIMC offers a full range of procedures, including rhinoplasty, and patients rave about the results.

For instance, in the summer of 2016, Ouliana had multiple plastic surgery procedures done at BIMC. Ouliana specifically found that her surgeon and the nursing staff to be “absolutely wonderful.” In addition, she recommends BIMC to anyone that wishes to have plastic surgery go to BIMC because of the high level of care and after support she received from there.

Another patient, Julie B, also got cosmetic surgery from BIMC in the summer of 2016, she found the facilities at BIMC to be higher than those in Australia where has had 9 procedures done. She specifically called BIMC “5 star.” These examples show the high quality of care and customer satisfaction with the results of cosmetic surgery that patients seeking rhinoplasty in Bali can expect. Moreover, BIMC was the first hospital in all of Indonesia to be accredited by Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International.

3. Prices for Rhinoplasty in Bali

Patients that seek rhinoplasty in Bali will find that the procedure only takes one day, and Bali hospitals like BIMC have competitive prices in 21 currencies. For instance, patients can receive a nose reduction surgery for the astonishing price of US$3,426. In addition, BIMC offers septoplasty for the impressive price of US$4,317. Furthermore, BIMC provides tip plasty procedures for the low price of US$3,426. All of your rhinoplasty needs can be met in Bali, by Australian accredited hospitals, for some of the lowest prices anywhere.

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Rhinoplasty at BIMC is the best option for your medical and cosmetic needs. BIMC offers low prices, 5 star amenities, expert surgeons, great support staff and after care service, and all on the serene island of Bali.

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