Are Cancun Weight Loss Clinics the New Fad?


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Cancun stands out as one of the most popular destinations, thanks to the many modern weight loss clinics in the city and the top-notch amenities available for international visitors.

What Makes Cancun a Good Destination for International Patients? <

The idyllic natural surroundings and pleasant Caribbean climate make Cancun a wonderful place to visit whether or not you are having weight loss treatment, but medical tourists will have even more to be pleased about when they visit. For a tummy tuck or liposuction, Mexico offers high-quality treatment from experienced surgeons for a price that is at least half of what you will pay in America or Canada.

Safe and Effective Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular weight loss treatments in the world, and an effective way to remove stubborn fat. It is a surgical procedure, so incisions on your skin will be made and a local anesthetic administered. Although a few different types of liposuction surgery exist, they all work in a similar way. A tube called a cannula is inserted into the fatty deposit within your body and then connected to a vacuum which extracts the fat.

The surgical procedure for the most common type of liposuction begins with a sterile solution injected into the area of your body where the excess fat is situated. This solution is salt water combined with epinephrine and lidocaine, which reduces pain and blood loss while also making it easier to draw out the fat from your body.

Before you decide to go ahead with treatment, you should know some things about liposuction . You may be required to abstain from alcohol and stick to a particular diet ahead of the procedure taking place. Also, patients who suffer from diabetes or heart disease may not be suitable for treatment. To find out if you fit the criteria for liposuction and to get specific instructions for your treatment you must speak with a certified liposuction surgeon.


Tummy Tuck Performed by Expert Surgeons

A tummy tuck, referred to medically as abdominoplasty , is another common type of plastic surgery. After losing a lot of weight your tummy can be left looking droopy, with sagging skin where your fat used to be. With a tummy tuck this excess skin, and some leftover fat, can be removed. Your stomach is left looking tighter and flatter, plus your abdomen can be contoured too.

Liposuction and a tummy tuck are two weight loss procedures that are often performed one after another, with the liposuction first. By combined these two procedures you can target fatty deposits within your body and then reshape the outside skin to fit your new dimensions properly.

Be aware that although you will be left with scars after a tummy tuck operation, your surgeon will do everything possible to make these scars as inconspicuous as possible. In many cases, they are hidden under the bikini line, but it is important to discuss scarring with your plastic surgeon so you completely understand what to expect after your surgery is complete.

Save Money on Weight Loss Treatments in Mexico

Tummy tuck prices in Mexico are far more affordable than what you will pay for the procedure at a hospital in the United States. The average cost for abdominoplasty performed by an American plastic surgeon is $10,100, whereas a Mexican doctor charges on average $5,000, which is over 50% cheaper.

It is a similar story for liposuction, with the average price at an American weight loss clinic coming in at $6,000. In Mexico, the price for liposuction plummets to around $2,500, translating to a discount of roughly 60%. When you combine these two procedures for a comprehensive weight loss treatment, the amount of money you can save reaches over $8,000.

Our Top Three Cancun Weight Loss Clinics

Panama Plastic Surgery is our top-rated Cancun weight loss clinic , an excellent medical facility headed by a highly-qualified surgeon called Dr. Martha Patricia Panama. She is a member of both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Panama’s clinic is located within the modern Hospital Amerimed, conveniently located in the centre of Cancun.

Another respected plastic surgeon in Cancun is Dr. Jose Manuel Pastrana Figueroa , who runs a clinic at Hospital Victoria. Not only does Dr. Figueroa offer liposuction and abdominoplasty at his weight loss center, but he also specializes in bariatrics and can perform procedures likes gastric bypass surgery.

For a tummy tuck, Dr. Alejandro Gomez Aguirre comes recommended by the many past patients who have written reviews about their treatment. A plastic surgeon running a clinic at the prestigious Galenia Hospital, Dr. Aguirre has 30 years of experience performing weight loss surgeries. His fluency in both Spanish and English means he often treats international patients, plus he is certified to perform a range of cosmetic surgeries that compliment weight loss treatment, including stretch mark removal and gluteoplasty (buttock augmentation).

Arrange Your Visit to a Cancun Weight Loss Clinic

Setting up an appointment at any of these tummy tuck and liposuction clinics in Cancun is simple with Medical Departures. You can use the online appointment scheduler to arrange your consultation in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, call the Customer Care Team to discuss your needs and they will contact your chosen weight loss clinic to make all the arrangements for you.


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