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The main reason for this is that the prices of different procedures down in Guadalajara at Juan Gordillo in particular, are low. At Juan Gordillo, cost of breast lifts is USD $3,116 (CAD $3,888), whereas the average cost of the procedure in the US and Canada is USD $11,943 (CAD $14,903). At Juan Gordillo, the price of breast implants is USD $3,331 (CAD $4,156), whereas the average price for the treatment is USD $4,683 (CAD $5,843). Hence, in a way, at Juan Gordillo, cost among these clinics really doesn’t matter.

However, you might wonder if the low cost of different types of plastic surgery means that you have to compromise on quality. It is a valid question because price is often reflective of quality when it comes to medical treatments. But, you don’t have to worry about quality here. The cost is low because it costs much less to run a medical practice in Mexico than it does in the US or Canada. The best part is that you can look for online reviews for Juan Gordillo. Review the images they share of past patients as well as the prices of different treatments. Plus, in the reviews for Juan Gordillo, before and after images are included.

You can simply glance at the images to get a visual depiction of the results of plastic surgery. It will help you make an informed decision about traveling to Juan Gordillo. Before and after images in particular can make things easier for you. A great thing is you can find images for all types of procedures, including breast lift and breast implants. Therefore, you will have a great idea of the results you can expect. Medical Departures can offer you at least one Juan Gordillo review.


So, if cost doesn’t matter, what other factors make Juan Gordillo a standout option? Let’s look at a few:

Cutting Edge Facilities

Juan Gordillo is equipped with technology and equipment that is state of the art. They invest heavily in cutting-edge medical technology to be able to provide high-quality medical treatments. As a result, you get top-notch cosmetic treatments at Juan Gordillo, price being low cross the board.

Skilled and Courteous Staff

Juan Gordillo employs some of the leading doctors and surgeons in the regions. Their medical staff is highly experienced and qualified, and more importantly, speak English fluently. You will have no problems with communication.

Beautiful Guadalajara

The city the clinic is located in offers plenty to see and do for medical tourists. No wonder, Guadalajara is a leading tourism destination in Mexico.

All in all, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to opt for cosmetic procedures at Juan Gordillo. Cost doesn’t matter, relieving you of considerable hassle.

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