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On holiday in Thailand? Want a younger looking skin with your youthful glow back? You may get that with a chemical peel. Phuket is a great place to get it done - revitalizing your skin before you head home.

The benefits of chemical peel

A chemical peel is a non surgical treatment that uses chemicals that help to remove fine lines, wrinkles, scars and spots that mar your face. It makes you look younger, with a more even skin tone and softer skin. Chemical peels in different variations can be used, depending on the recovery time and your skin condition. Some of the mild peels use only mild acids or even fruit acids like AHA (alpha-hydroxyl acids). Strong peels can use chemicals like phenol.

Superficial peels are known as lunchtime peels as they don’t require any downtime. They give best results if they are done at regular intervals. Medium peels are stronger and can only be done either annually or twice a year. Deep peels can only be done once as they are akin to surgery and must be performed in a surgical setting. Unlike the superficial and medium peels, the downtime for deep peels is around a month. Basically, the deeper the peel, the longer lasting the results and a deep chemical peel can take years off your face.

If you check chemical peel Phuket reviews you will find that women are largely happy with the results.


What can you expect during and after a chemical peel?

Your face is cleaned and then the chemical is applied and left on for the specified time. After that it is neutralized. Depending on the strength of the peel you may experience some redness or swelling. After a deep peel, you may require bandages and need medications.

As the skin heals, it will be smoother, fresher and tauter. The newer skin will be relatively free of pigmentation, blemishes and spots and the complexion will be more even. Fine lines and wrinkles will be minimized and barely visible. Chemical peel before and after pictures will show a remarkable difference. You can check out hundreds of chemical peel images on different websites on the net.

Best clinics in Phuket for chemical peel and the cost of chemical peel in Phuket

Most major hospitals offering plastic surgery in Phuket will be doing chemical peels. Chemical peel in Phuket will also be available at many cosmetic clinics manned by expert estheticians and plastic surgeons. While chemical peels are typically used on the face and neck, they can also be used on other parts of the body such as hands and feet or back and shoulders.

In Australia you can expect to pay AU945 (NZD1,010, US$720, CAD 965, £590, €662). The average cost of a chemical peel in Phuket will be much less and the cost difference is higher for the deep peels than the superficial ones.

As there are many different skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments now commonly available, you should check with a qualified skin specialist as to whether a chemical peel will solve your problems or not. And you can easily book via Medical Departures for the best prices on your

chemical peel in Phuket.

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