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An Overview of Butt Lift Before and After in Mexico City

Some patients get butt lift surgery because they are not satisfied with the appearance of their buttocks, while others want to remove sagging skin and enhance their butt’s size and shape. This surgery is especially effective for those who have lost weight but do not have a toned butt. If you want to enhance your butt without spending a fortune, consider getting it done in Mexico City. In the following paragraphs, we go through the butt lift “before and after” in Mexico City.

Who is a Candidate?

You can want to improve the shape of your butt, but only a doctor can determine whether you are a candidate for this procedure or not. Like any cosmetic surgery, butt lift requires that the patient be in good physical health and should have realistic expectations of the procedure.

If you are a smoker, your surgeon will ask you to refrain from smoking completely for a specified time before the surgery. The same goes for drinking. You also need to be at a stable weight, because fluctuations in weight can adversely affect the results of surgery.

Finding a Clinic

You can use reviews or referrals to find clinics for butt lift in Mexico City. Before signing up for surgery, you should look ask each clinic to provide pictures of butt lift “before and after”. Mexico City is a place where you can easily find butt lift clinics that are comparable in safety and hygiene to clinics in the US. Top Butt lift clinics in Mexico City include:

Determine the Cost

The average cost of butt lift surgery in the US is $13500 (CAD $16441), whereas in Mexico, the average cost is $5600 (CAD $6820). So you can save 60% on surgery costs by travelling to Mexico City.

Remember that the cost of butt lift depends on various factors. A prominent factor is your surgeon’s expertise and experience. Since you are saving thousands of dollars on this procedure in Mexico City, you should only prefer a surgeon who is qualified and experienced to perform this procedure instead of looking around for the lowest price.

Initial Consultation

Once you have selected a clinic and surgeon, you will schedule your initial consultation. This is where the surgeon will confirm your candidacy, discuss your concerns, set goals for surgery, and determine the course of the procedure. The doctor will also take your physical examination.

The Surgery

Your surgeon will administer either general anesthesia or local anesthesia. S/he will then make an incision into your buttocks, which can be an upper, lower, butterfly, or lateral incision. Stubborn fat deposits will with removed using a scalpel, or in some cases, through liposuction. The remaining tissue will be repositioned for a firmer look, and then sutured.

After the surgery, you will need time to heal properly, and you will also need to see your surgeon for follow-up. So this was an overview of butt lift “before and after” in Mexico City. Consult a specialist today to learn more this procedure.

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