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If you don’t like the way your eyelids look and you have monolids that don’t have a crease, then double eyelid surgery will give you a natural looking crease.

What does double eyelid surgery do?

Some people of different ethnicities have a mono eyelid that does not have a natural crease. Of these some people may even have heavily hooded upper eyelids that impair the vision. Some people have a partial crease on one eyelid, but not on the other.

Double eyelid surgery will solve these problems. After this surgery you will be rid of vision impairment problems and also give your eyelids a more natural looking appearance. The surgery may involve the removal of excess fat from the upper eyelids if required. Sutures are then used to give you a natural crease. If you already have thin skin, then only sutures can be used to create the crease.

What is the double eyelid surgery cost in Bali?

Indonesia is an emerging medical tourism destination and Bali is a well known and popular holiday spot. With a number of high quality medical centers offering all kinds of surgical and non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate your skin and your appearance at budget prices, Bali is the go-to place for medical tourists.


Double eyelid surgery cost in a western country will be an average of AUD5,500 (NZD5,746, £3,159, €3,620, US$4,003, CAD5,487). In comparison to this price, in Bali clinics you would pay around AUD934 (NZD1,032, £558, €627, US$748, CAD910) at a top notch clinic. As you can see, the double eyelid surgery price in Bali is affordable.

Which is the popular cosmetic clinic in Bali?

When you are going in for any surgery or cosmetic treatment to a foreign country, then it is best to book through Medical Departures to ensure your safety. That is because we verify different aspects of the clinics that we list on our website, check the credentials of the doctors and also offer the best price guarantee. Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging is a leading cosmetic clinic in Denpasar in Bali. You can gauge the popularity of this clinic from the fact that it has a large repeat clientele. It is a full service cosmetic clinic that offers a wide range of anti-aging treatments including some innovative skin treatments that have been popularized by this clinic.

Dr. B. Murino of this clinic is highly qualified and is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine . The clinic is justifiably famous for its skin treatments like Laser360, Sygmalift and AFT laser among other treatments that are rejuvenating. The clinic is an MD verified and MD premium clinic with many positive reviews.

With the double eyelid surgery cost in Bali being so affordable, it makes sense to book via Medical Departures and go to Bali for an exciting holiday combined with the procedure that you need.

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