Do you want shapelier thighs? Consider a thigh lift in Mexico


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Whether it is a genetic predisposition or weight loss that has caused fat to accumulate around the thighs, if you want shapelier thighs, you may need a thigh lift. Mexico is a favored destination for all kinds of cosmetic procedures particularly for residents of North America and Canada. For many visitors from other countries, you may not need a visa and can get a visitor’s pass when entering the country. With a moderate climate, good food and many cultural and historical attractions, Mexico is a great holiday place.

How does thigh lift help?

Sagging skin, cellulite and excess fat all result in fat thighs that may not be in proportion to the rest of your body. If your fat thighs and loose skin are a hindrance in wearing clothes like shorts, minis, swimsuits, tights, jeggings and others, you should give thigh lift in Mexico serious consideration. This surgical procedure will give you firmer looking thighs with great contours. With shapelier thighs you will be able to flaunt a more toned figure and will not be embarrassed to show off short or tight clothes.

There are different kinds of thigh lifts that are possible, depending on your physical condition. You can undergo an inner thigh lift if you have a moderate amount of excess skin and fat in the thighs. The outer thigh lift reshapes the buttocks and the outer thighs, but leaves extensive scarring. The spiral thighplasty involves liposuction, removal of excess skin and tissue in the thighs and the buttocks.

Why go to Mexico for thigh lift?

Mexico is a premier medical tourism destination attracting large numbers of medical tourists from all over the world, but more especially from the neighboring countries. It has high quality medical facilities, well trained and experienced doctors, many of which have done some advanced medical courses in the west. More importantly, because of the low cost of living, the cost of cosmetic procedures is also affordable. Among the top clinics in Mexico for thigh lift are Marroquin & Sandoval – Los Cabos and Marroquin and Sandoval – Zapopan .

Both the clinics have top amenities and perform of all kinds of plastic surgeries as also reconstructive and rejuvenating procedures. The clinics have two doctors, Dr. Marco Marroquin and Dr. Karla Sandoval. Both are plastic surgeons and highly experienced at all kinds of procedures.

What is the thigh lift cost in Mexico?

As this is a cosmetic procedure, you have to pay for it and the rates can be quite expensive in an advanced country. You may pay as much as US$14,148 (AUD17,857, NZD19,595, £10,496, €11,975, CAD17,522) in your home country.

At Marroquin & Sandoval, the surgery will cost you an average of around US$4,200 (AUD5,301, NZD5,817, £3,116, €3,554, CAD5,201) a much more reasonable figure. You can afford a holiday, travel and other expenses and still save.

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