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Want to know about rhinoplasty surgery at Bangkok’ Yanhee Hospital? Nose jobs are one of their specialties so read on to find out more.

The career and personal life of any individual depends on his or her appearance to some extent, and the facial features, especially the nose, can adversely affect his or her appearance. While there are some whose nose may be damaged due to an accident, illness, there are many who are not satisfied with their nose for aesthetic reasons and are looking for a hospital which does nose related cosmetic and plastic surgery. Since plastic surgery is optional, those undergoing it do not receive any health care benefits in western countries and have to use their own savings to pay for the surgery. Hence, many people, that are looking for a safe and affordable place where they can undergo plastic surgery, find that Yanhee Hospital is the best hospital in Bangkok.

About Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Hospital was established in 1984 to cater to patients from all over the world, and offers the latest healthcare, plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments to local and foreign patients from 162 countries till date at affordable rates. More than 75% of the patients at the hospital are repeat patients, or have come through referrals, indicating the high level of customer satisfaction of those using their services. The hospital is a 15 storey building with 400 rooms, diagnostic center, ICU with 15 rooms and a nursery. The hospital has been Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited since 2000, indicating the quality health care standards which are maintained.


Professional Staff at Yanhee Hospital

The hospital has 150 doctors specializing in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Thailand doctors are typically well-trained and qualified as well as being fluent in English, allowing them to communicate with patients from all over the world. Additionally translation services are available for international patients who cannot speak English, free of cost. The 800 nurses at the hospital are very kind, helpful, patient and caring and take care of all the requirements of the patient. There are also 120 part time professionals providing related health care services.

Types of Nose Jobs

There are different options available for those interested in a Yanhee Hospital nose job. Yanhee Hospital offers nose implants, nose reshaping and septoplasty depending on the requirement of the patient at the hospital. While the nose implant procedure can be completed in one day, for nose reshaping the patient will have to stay in the hospital for two nights. A Septoplasty procedure will take a longer time of two to three days, and the patient will have to remain in the hospital for this period of time.

Low Expenses

The cost of the procedure depends on the time taken and duration of the hospital stay. A nose implant is relatively inexpensive, costing AUD $1200-1900, nose reshaping is the most expensive Yanhee Hospital nose job priced at AUD $3300, while a Septoplasty is priced at AUD $3000. Medication for pain and nausea included in the package selected: no additional money has to be paid. Food is provided and a family member can stay with the patient by sleeping on the sofa.

For further information about nose jobs at the Yanhee Hospital, get in touch with Medical Departures’ customer care team, or book an appointment online.

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