Great Locations in Mexico for Eyelid Surgery


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For the perfect eyelid surgery procedure, Mexico offers several great locations that deliver exceptional treatments for a mere fraction of domestic prices. There are top class medical facilities all over the country, equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies and staffed by internationally-trained surgeons, all waiting to give your eyes the ultimate makeover at a price that’s affordable.

Doctors in Mexico are just as competent as their US counterparts, with many being fluent English-speakers and having studied and worked abroad at some of the finest institutes around the world in countries such as the US, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Great Locations in Mexico for Eyelid Surgery

If you check any reputable eyelid surgery review, Mexico will provide many interesting options to choose from. For the best double eyelid surgery clinics and hospitals in Mexico , check out these great locations:

a) San Jose del Cabo

Known as the “Old Town” area of Cabo, San Jose is close to the airport and combines old Mexico charm with modern, shining new resorts. There is plenty for everyone in Cabo, from championship golf courses to world-class dining, and this amazing destination captures the essence of Baja Peninsula perfectly.

Amongst the top facilities here for eyelid surgery are Marroquin and Sandoval . This state-of-the-art facility delivers outstanding upper and lower eyelid surgeries, performed by doctors who are certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

b) Guadalajara

The capital city of the central state of Jalisco, Guadalajara is the second largest city in the country behind Mexico City. There are many places of interest to visit here, such as the Guadalajara Cathedral which dates back to the 1560's, and The Guadalajara zoo, a modern zoological park renowned for its extensive collection of animals, safari ride and stunning views of the Barranca de Oblatos.

Dr Juan Gordillo Hernandez is based in Guadalajara and has been performing eyelid surgeries at the Centro Medico Puerta de Hierro Sur for over 6 years. This modern facility is equipped with the latest technologies and provides the perfect environment in which to undergo your treatment.

c) Tijuana

Thanks to its close proximity to the US border, Tijuana has grown from a small Mexican border town into a sprawling, modern city. A popular destination amongst tourists and day-trippers from San Diego, there are plenty of things to do and see. From tourist attractions such as the Avenida Revolucion in Zona Centro, to the many shops and restaurants that make up the Zona Rio. And the city boasts a plethora of nightlife entertainment opportunities that includes 6th and Revolucion St and Tijuana's infamous red-light district.

From its convenient location just 20 minutes from San Diego, and a mere 5 minutes from the US border, Advanced Health Medical Center offer top-quality eyelid surgeries at massively discounted rates to US and international patients.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost in Mexico?

The following table illustrates just how much cheaper double-eyelid surgery is in Mexico when compared to the average prices being charged in other parts of the world:

Country Price in Mexico Domestic Cost

United States USD $1,760 USD $4,000

Canada CAD $2,253 CAD $5,122

Australia AUD $2,290 AUD $5,206

New Zealand NZD $2,559 NZD $5,816

United Kingdom GBP £1,340 GBP £3,047

Europe EUR €1,515 EUR €3,446

As you can see, for an eyelid surgery procedure, Mexico is around 56% cheaper than in your home country. Contact our Customer Care Team now and make sure that you take advantage these fantastic savings whilst you can!

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