Here is our Ranking of the Top 3 Botox Hospitals in South Korea


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It is also an extremely popular procedure, and it is offered at many places in South Korea – so if you’re visiting why not consider getting your Botox here instead of at home, to save some money? Did you know that South Korea is ranked as a top destination for cosmetic care? Based on our Medical Departures reviews, here are our top 3 Botox Hospitals in South Korea.

Oracle Clinic Cheongdam

As one of the Global People’s Choice award winner (GPC award), the Oracle Clinic Cheongdam has demonstrated standards of excellence and a high level of patient satisfaction. One of the main aspects that patients love about this clinic is the fact the services are not only diversified, but the staff and doctors are also very knowledgeable and experienced in their field. The clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments, and Botox prices there start as low as AUD 113 (NZD 121; USD 85; CAD 115; EUR 79; GBP 66) compared to AUD 200 (NZD 215; USD 151; CAD 204; EUR 141; GBP 118) which are the estimated prices in Australia and New Zealand.


Dream Medical Group

The Dream Medical Group has been around for 18 years and is a premium center for patients traveling to Seoul for cosmetic care. The hospital specializes in face and body cosmetic surgery, and is staffed with more than 10 highly qualified and rigorously trained cosmetic surgeons with several years of experience in the field. Before and after pictures of patients who had their Botox injections at the Dream Medical Group are available and can guide and help you in making a decision regarding whether this is the right clinic for you. In terms of cost, Botox price in South Korea is generally cheaper compared to other countries, and at the Dream Medical Group you can get Botox prices starting at AUD 489 (NZD 525; USD 369; CAD 498; EUR 344; GBP 288).

Banobagi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

For the past 17 years, the Banobagi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics has been offering advanced plastic surgery and cosmetic care to both local and international patients in Seoul. Whether you’re looking for surgical or non-surgical care, the Banobagi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is experienced in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures and welcomes patients from all around the world. Their key cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Park Jong Lim, Dr. Oh Chang Yun and Dr. Park Shin Ki are all Korean-trained and have several years of experience. In terms of cost, at the Banobagi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics you can get starting prices at AUD 771 (NZD 828; USD 582; CAD 786; EUR 543; GBP 454).

One of the advantages of working with Medical Departures is getting great cosmetic care at an affordable price and at the best locations. So, if you’re looking for a top 3 Botox Hospital in South Korea then look no further. Contact our Medical Departures team today to find out more, or to book an appointment.

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