Here's How Much You Can Save on Breast Enlargement in Penang


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Women across the world get breast enlargement and get bigger, more beautiful boobs. And every one of them knows this can be a very expensive proposition. While the results can justify the expense, it’s certainly nice to be able to save thousands of dollars on the procedure. This is why many women in Australia and New Zealand choose the affordable breast enlargement surgery Penang offers. How much can you save on breast enlargement in Penang? Let’s take a look.

Average Prices in Penang, Compared to Down Under

First, let’s look at the average prices in Penang and how they compare to the prices Down Under. Check out this cost comparison:

Breast enlargement price in Australia: AUD $16,500

Breast enlargement price in New Zealand: NZD $18,300

Breast enlargement price in Penang: AUD $6,360 / NZD $7,060

How Much do the Top Clinics in Penang Charge?

To get an even better comparison, check out the prices of breast enlargement surgery at Penang’s top two clinics.


Leh Clinic

Dr. Louis Leh leads this clinic, offering the best cosmetic surgery in the region. In addition to holding post-graduate certification from the United Kingdom, Dr. Leh was also the president of Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine. Breast enlargement at Leh Clinic starts at AUD $5,469 / NZD $5,868.

Klinik Loh Surgery

This clinic was founded by and led by Dr. Loh Lay Soon. In addition to having studies in the US and Singapore, he has an experience of over 25 years. Breast enlargement at Klinik Loh Surgery costs around AUD $5,469 / NZD $5,868.

So based on these figures you can save ten to fifteen thousand dollars on your breast enlargement by getting it done in Penang instead of Down Under!

Save Money, Without Compromising on Quality

Not matter how much you save, you should never compromise on the quality of procedure. It’s important that you know why the prices are so low in Penang, Malaysia. The main reason is that the operating cost of a clinic/hospital is much lower in Malaysia than in Australia or New Zealand. Moreover, the cost of living is also lower than Down Under. On top of that, there’s a healthy competition among the Malay clinics that all vie for your business i.e. international clients. They have to offer low cost while maintaining high quality if they hope to continually attract medical tourists from Down Under.

Thanks to Medical Departures you can easily find the best clinics in Penang, right from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to look at breast enlargement before and after pictures. Penang is home to amazing surgeons and these pictures help you judge their skills.

The bottom line is that you can save a lot of money thanks to the affordable breast enlargement surgery Penang offers. Go ahead and talk to the clinics mentioned above. You can also enjoy a nice vacation in Penang, and recover in private, away from your daily life and prying eyes back home.