How are the bariatric surgery reviews in Mexico?


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How does bariatric surgery help?

When you are obese and unable to lose weight, then you need to wake up and think about your health. That is because obesity is treatable via surgery. Check out bariatric surgery before and after images and see how much weight people have actually lost after this surgery.

Excess weight can cause many health problems and can be a contributory cause of diabetes and hypertension. Besides, obesity can result in breathing problems, sleep apnea and joint disorders. It can also be a factor in cancer and heart disease, giving you genuine medical reasons why you need to lose weight. Due to overweight you may also be less energetic and find it difficult to take part in many activities.


Top bariatric surgery clinics in Mexico

Medical Departures has a list of quality checked bariatric surgery clinics in Mexico that have been vetted by us. These are all MD verified clinics. Among them are

Dra Itzel Fernandez – a specialist bariatric surgeon she works out of Obesity Solutions in Mexico City. She offers all kinds of bariatric surgery procedures and is a leader in obesity management.

Advanced Health Medical Center – this medical center is a full service plastic and other surgery center that also offers cosmetic treatments. It is a JCI accredited facility in Tijuana so has to follow strict rules and standards.

Dr Patricia Sanchez – practicing in Guadalajara, Dr. Sanchez is a foremost bariatric surgery doctor, and a member of the American College of Surgeons. She is available at different clinics and hospitals in the area and is an expert in different kinds of weight loss surgeries.

Sergio Verboonen – is accredited with the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity (IFSO) . He is a highly experienced bariatric surgery specialist, practicing from different hospitals in Cancun and Tijuana.

You can go through bariatric surgery reviews in Mexico and decide which clinic or surgeon you would like to go to.

What is the bariatric surgery cost in Mexico?

As there are many different kinds of bariatric surgeries, the cost also varies a great deal and depends on the complexity of the procedure, the number of days you need to stay in hospital and other factors. On an average you would pay around US$10,000 (CAD12,580, £7,699, €8,585, AUD12,649, NZD13,469) in the U.S. or Canada or other advanced countries.

A similar procedure will cost you only US$3,500 (CAD4,403, £2,694, €3,003, AUD4,426, NZD4,711) at a top facility in Tijuana performed by a highly experienced bariatric surgeon.

Complete your booking formalities via Medical Departures after checking bariatric surgery reviews in Mexico posted on our site, or get in touch with our Customer Care Team if you’ve any questions about bariatric surgery in Mexico.

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