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Liposuction Price: Cancun Is One of the Cheapest Places for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not cheap, and it is usually not covered by insurance as well. However, you can always cross the border for safe and affordable surgery. Healthcare is significantly cheaper in Mexico as compared to the US, and when it comes to the cost of liposuction, Cancun is one of the cheapest places for Americans and Canadians. Here is an overview of liposuction costs in Mexico as compared to the US.

Cost of Liposuction in Cancun

You can save more than $3000 on surgery costs, as evidenced by the following estimates.

Cost of Liposuction in the US: $6000

Cost of Liposuction in Mexico: $2500

Percentage savings: 58%

The prospect of saving up to 60% on surgery costs is what compels numerous medical tourists to head to Cancun every year. You should consider join in this year if you need liposuction.


Does Insurance Cover Liposuction Costs in Cancun?

Whether it is Cancun or San Francisco, insurance doesn’t usually cover the cost of liposuction. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, and cosmetic procedures are only paid for by insurance if there is any therapeutic benefit. This is something that your doctor will determine.

So be prepared to pay out-of-pocket. This gives you all the more reason to get your surgery in Cancun where you are getting such impressive discounts.

What About Additional Costs?

What we have quoted above are average prices for surgery, and they cover the greatest chunk of your bill. Even after adding in other hospital costs, you can still expect your bill to be lower than any American hospital.

You will also be glad to know that all reputed hospitals in Mexico are very upfront about their prices. You can ask them everything you need to know about prices, and they will not hesitate to share information with you. So in any case, you will not be surprised with any hidden charges in the end.

Prices Are Not Reflective of Surgery Quality

Don’t think for a moment that low prices in Mexico somehow suggest that hospitals are cutting corners. The best liposuction surgeons in Cancun are highly qualified and have years of experience. Here are some of the best surgeons:

You can look at liposuction before and after pictures of their work and compare it with any top surgeon in the US. Apart with the surgeons listed above, you can do your own research using websites for liposuction review. Cancun has no dearth of good surgeons.

Consider the Overall Value of Medical Tourism

Finally, remember that the real value of medical tourism goes beyond the affordable liposuction price. Cancun offers you a chance to get surgery away from prying eyes in a safe and private environment. Not to mention, the desired body shape that you will achieve after surgery will boost your self-esteem considerably. This is the real value of getting cosmetic surgery in Mexico.

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