How to Prepare for your Nose Job in Mexico


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Affordable rhinoplasty (or nose jobs as they are commonly known) are available in a number of medical tourism destinations in Mexico. Those who desire a straighter, smaller or prettier nose should read the following advice on how to prepare before surgery:

#1 Find a Reliable Clinic

Because the nose is such a prominent part of your face it is important to find a reliable, trustworthy Mexican rhinoplasty clinic that operates to international standards. Medical Departures provides information on doctors, facilities, and patient reviews to help you find a clinic that offers world-class treatment geared to international patients. Clinics that come highly recommended by Medical Departures patients are Oneline Beauty Clinic and Sculpting Medicina Estetica Clinic.

#2 – Stop Taking Blood-Thinning Medication

In the two weeks before surgery, you must cease using any medications. This is standard for anyone about to have an operation as drugs can thin the blood, which can cause complications during the procedure.

#3 – Stop Smoking

The stop smoking message is already loud and prominent, but it is very important to stop for two to four weeks before your nose job. This is because nicotine can slow down the healing process and also the cigarettes can cause oxygen depletion in the blood, which can cause complications.


#4 – Stock up on Essential Items

It is a good idea to take essential items such as lip balm, cold beverages, and painkilling medication with you as it might be difficult to find them in Mexico. Also, you should book a hotel with good facilities and room service as you might not want to go out for a few days.

#5 – Bringing Along a Friend

A useful addition to your trip is a close friend or partner who can be nearby just in case there is anything you need. With the nose job price in Mexico so inexpensive you can afford to help pay for your friend’s visit to Tijuana, Cabo San Lucas or Cancun.

You could save thousands of dollars on an affordable nose job in Mexico as prices are approximately 65% less expensive than in America, Canada, or Europe. The table below shows a comparison of nose job surgery in Mexico and in Western nations:








Cost of Nose Job in West







Cost of Nose Job in Mexico







What’s Next?

Mexico offers affordable and high-quality nose jobs in reliable and trustworthy clinics. Book your appointment through Medical Departures and make sure you prepare properly for your operation by taking heed of these tips.


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