How to Prepare for Your Nose Job in Thailand


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But as you know you’ll be saving good money on the procedure abroad and get top quality surgery, it’s worth it. And so you owe it to yourself to prepare properly for the procedure. This can include a lot of things from packing the right kind of shirts to looking at nose job before and after photos. Thailand is an amazing tourist destination as well so you’ll enjoy your time there. Let’s look at the important things you should do to prepare for your rhinoplasty in Thailand.

Read Clinics Info and Patient Reviews

The best place to read about the clinics is Medical Departures. Here you can find reliable information on the clinics in Thailand that offer a nose job. Read about the clinics, their surgeons, and their history. Also, see if there are any past patient reviews available for the clinics you’re considering. These will help you see what people actually experienced at the clinics.

Here are some great clinics you might want to add to your short list:

If you need the best nose job, review Thailand and its top clinics listed above.

Talk to the Clinics and Get Personalized Quotes

Feel free to talk to the clinics and get personalized quotes. You should also have a general idea of how much you can save on the procedure by getting it in Thailand. This cost comparison should help:

Cost of nose job in Australia: AUD $12,600

Cost of nose job in New Zealand: NZD $14,000

Cost of nose job in Thailand: AUD $5,200 / NZD $5,800

Follow these Pre-Nose Job Tips

1. Stop taking any ibuprofen, aspirin, herbal supplements and Vitamin E, 2 weeks before the nose job

2. Stop smoking 2-4 weeks before the surgery, as nicotine will slow down your healing.

3. Get your prescriptions a few days ahead of the surgery if possible.

4. Stock up on lip balm and cool beverages because your mouth will get dry as you use it more for breathing while your nose recovers from surgery.

5. Make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page with regards to the results you want. Feel free to speak your mind or you might regret it later.

6. Ask someone to accompany you to Thailand for moral and a bit of physical support.

7. Pack comfortable clothes to wear in the hospital. E.g. Front-buttoning shirts are better than ones that need to be pulled over your head.

So there you go. Every item covered above is important, from talking freely with your surgeon to making an assessment on whether the surgery can help you by looking at nose job before and after photos. Thailand and its brilliant rhinoplasty surgeons await you, and our Customer Care Team will be more than happy to help you book an appointment.


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