Is a Health Check-up in Thailand Worth It?


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If you are planning to travel in Thailand, health check-ups should be part of your itinerary this year. If you haven’t already taken your annual medical check-up and are thinking about taking a vacation, you can easily combine the two. You might be wondering whether such a plan is worth it or not? This is where Medical Departures can help. We can talk you through the whole process, from the costs that are involved, to identifying some of the best clinics for health check-ups in Thailand .

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Check-up in Thailand?

As far as the health check-up cost in Thailand is concerned, there is no fixed amount that we can quote here. The costs vary from hospital to hospital, and also depend on what kinds of tests you will be taking. A medical check up includes blood tests and diagnostic imaging, with the exact combination of tests being tailored suit each patient’s specific individual needs.


Having said that, we will provide the check-up prices for some of the top hospitals in Thailand so that you can get a better idea about how much it will cost. Rest assured, in Thailand, health check-up prices are quite affordable, with fees being significantly lower than in your home country. After all, this is the primary reason why people become medical tourists in the first place.


List of Health Check-up Clinics in Thailand

The following is a list of some of the most reputed clinics for check-up in Bangkok and Phuket:



All these hospitals are certified and some of them have been accredited by international organizations like the Joint Commission International (JCI) , which is the gold standard for hospitals around the world.


These hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly qualified doctors and professional caregivers. They are extremely courteous to foreign patients, plus they speak fluent English so you don’t need to worry about any language barriers.

Getting a Check-up in Thailand is Highly Convenient

While the affordable prices are the main reason that people become medical tourists, there are benefits as well. One of the main advantages for getting a medical-check up in Thailand is the convenience factor.


You can easily go online, scan the best hospitals in Thailand (though we have already done that for you), and book an appointment within a few minutes.That’s how simple it is. Also, the waiting times at domestic hospitals in countries like Australia and New Zealand are notoriously long, whereas in Thailand, the waiting times are extremely short. All your tests will be completed on the same day, which makes it easy for to you fit your check-up into your itinerary.


Long story short, when you are in Thailand, health check-ups are definitely worth considering. Contact our Customer Care Team now to discuss all your options fully.

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