Is BIMC hospital in Bali the best option for plastic surgery?


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BIMC Hospital is Definitely One of the Best Hospitals in Bali

Medical tourism is one the rise in Asia, with Bali being one of the most frequented destinations for overseas patients especially from Australia and New Zealand. There are several top-quality hospitals for plastic surgery in Indonesia. However, it is not easy to say which one is the best hospital in Bali. How does one rate a hospital as ‘best’ in the first place? Such questions are never easy to answer. But one thing is for sure; the BIMC hospital is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery clinics in Bali with excellent ratings and a large number of people visiting it every year.

Undergoing Plastic Surgery in Bali

Medical tourism has become a growing trend around the world, from North America to Australia. The exorbitant costs of plastic surgery in these regions have forced individuals to look for affordable medical services elsewhere. And this is where medical tourism in Bali comes in. Asia is already ahead of other regions when it comes to medical tourism, and now Bali is enjoying a big slice of the medical tourism pie.


It makes sense too as Bali has all the right tools to become a dominant player in the game. Consider the scenery and the beaches, which already make Indonesia one of the hottest tourism destinations in Asia. And then you have some of the best hospitals for plastic surgery in Bali . With the launch of BIMC in Nusa Dua, you have all the makings of major medical tourist destination.

The other major plus point for medical tourists in Bali is the cost - most people save around 60% and booking with Medical Departures guarantees the best prices available.

Why BIMC is Considered the Best Hospital in Bali?

As already mentioned, it is difficult to say how any hospital is ‘the best’ one. However, when it comes to medical tourism in Bali, BIMC is definitely one of the finest clinics that you can go to as an overseas patient. The following is a list of the major features of BIMC Nusa Dua:

  • It was recently built and features an innovative design which makes it a brilliant hospital cum resort
  • It has 50 beds to accommodate patients who come for dialysis, dental work, or cosmetic surgery
  • There is a 24-hour medical emergency entrance
  • There is special focus on patients’ privacy
  • It is managed by several medical teams, including countries like the U.S., Sweden, and Germany as well as local teams
  • The hospital works in close conjunction with Marriot Bali

All these factors have established the BIMC hospital as one of the most reputed clinics in Bali. It should be noted that most hospitals in Bali are built in a similar fashion to provide a spa-like feeling to their cosmetic surgery patients. Nonetheless, numbers reveal that BIMC remains the most popular hospital in the region for overseas patients, particularly those who fly in from Australia and New Zealand, where cosmetic surgery is indeed an expensive affair.

When all is said and done, you have to choose a hospital for yourself, so it is better to read as much as you can about the BIMC hospital and other clinics, and you should ask previous patients about their experience as well.

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