Is it worth getting laser hair removal done in Mexico?


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Check pictures of laser hair removal before and after. Mexico is the go-to place if you reside in the U.S. or Canada or if you are visiting Mexico from any other country. With a mild climate, affordable medical and cosmetic treatment, low cost of living, great food and amazing landscapes, Mexico is an attractive medical tourism destination.

Is laser hair removal effective?

Different FDA approved laser devices are used by professionals to remove the hair permanently. While these devices work effectively if you are fair skinned with dark hair, the newer devices also works on darker skinned people. There are various home based devices available though it is best to get this done in a clinical setting for the procedure to have the effect you are looking for. Home devices may not be as effective or may cause side effects if not used strictly according to instructions.

Laser hair removal reduces hair growth. You will need between four and six sessions at intervals of four to six weeks each for best results. After the sessions are over, you may find a few stubborn hairs remaining, but nothing that will look very obvious. Go through laser hair removal reviews and laser hair removal before and after pictures and see what people say about this before making up your mind.

Which are the good laser hair removal clinics in Mexico?

While the country has various attractive holiday spots with numerous cosmetic clinics, it is wiser to book through a reputed site like Medical Departures to minimize the possibility of a bad experience. Some of the good laser hair removal clinics in Mexico recommended by Medical Departures are:

PielClinic – this clinic is located in Mexico City. It is popular for laser hair removal and various other cosmetic treatments including fillers and botox.


Natural Change – you can avail of various minimally invasive and non-surgical cosmetic treatments at this clinic including laser hair removal. It is located in Mexico City.

Hair Medical Restoration – this is a clinic that specializes in various hair treatments so you can get laser hair removal done here or get different hair treatments to keep your hair in good condition or even get hair transplants done here. It is located in Tijuana.

We do in-depth background checks on the doctors and also vet the clinics. When you book through Medical Departures you get the best price guarantee.

Is the laser hair removal price affordable?

One session is not enough to remove all the hair since laser hair removal only works on hair that is in the growing phase. As dormant hair again grows back, you will need more sessions. However, each session would cost you an average of US$230 (CAD288, £175, €193, AUD289, NZD309) in your country of residence. It will be much cheaper in Mexico where you would pay around US$75 (CAD94, £56, €63, AUD94, NZD101) per session,

Book through Medical Departures at one of the quality-checked clinics after going through images of laser hair removal - before and after - in Mexico.

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