Korea’s Premier Botox Providers


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This city, with an expansive range of options for aesthetic treatments, can be daunting to navigate. To help with navigating the Botox landscape, we offer our guide to the best options our Western clients have when making the important decision of which provider to visit.

When you’re considering a trip to South Korea for your Botox treatment, it’s important you understand how affordable the procedure is there – and all without sacrificing any quality. Here are 3 of our top clinics specifically selected for their Western standards of performance.

Botox Treatment Prices in South Korea’s Premier Clinics:

Botox is around a third of the price in South Korea than it is in the USA. For example, treatment to a large area, like the forehead, may cost around US $150 (AUD $180; NZ $200; UK £110; EURO €124) in South Korea, compared to the United States cost of $450 (AUD $559; NZ $612; UK £332; EURO €374)


Dream Clinic

Braun Dermatology

Dr. Mi Plastic Surgery

South Korea’s Cosmetic Surgery:

According to Business Insider , South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. According to the journal, “…South Korea has the most plastic surgeries per capita on earth, with over 980,000 recorded operations in 2014.” What these means for you, the Western visitor, is that you can rest assured the surgeons you are visiting at our top selected clinics are highly experienced, with countless successful operations under their belts.

Korea is a highly developed nation, home to innovative international companies like Samsung and LG. Featuring technology that rivals the best of the West, its cosmetic surgery providers are no different in terms of parity with Western competitors – only at a significantly lower price.

The Clinics:

With a focus on holistic health and wellness, Dream Clinic is proud to specialize in offering non-invasive options like Botox as a first cosmetic treatment rather than more intrusive procedures.

Featuring ultra-advanced technology imported from the United States and certified safe by the American FDA, like Ulthera and thermage CPT lifting equipment, Braun Dermatology leads the cosmetic surgery field in terms of modernity, safety and hygiene.

Dr. Mi Plastic Surgery , an affiliate of the Dr. Mi Medical Group which has performed a wide array of surgical and non-surgical procedure for 20 years, is a rock-solid option for Botox treatment, with a friendly staff and expert-rich surgeon roster to ensure the best quality results possible.

When you’re considering where to get Botox treatment in Seoul, please take a few minutes to browse our clinics’ well-organized and convenient-to-navigate Medical Departures profiles. You’ll find before-and-after photos galleries, virtual tours of the facilities, surgeon credentials and awards, individualized price quotes, and our helpful online staff ready to answer any questions you have in terms of Korean Botox treatment. With these tools, you’ll make the most informed decision possible to choose the best Botox clinic in Seoul to suit your preferences!